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Oct 13, 2002
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A guy who had a bad trip (with no drugs) while meditating, and it fucked up his life. Seems like it's not uncommon

I found this interesting on like, many levels.

I kinda get his theme of saying that being a meditation advocate, especially if it is your job is going to filter out the negatives to protect the money and the myth.

I also saw another theme though - in that It kinda sounded like he was indulgent as a drinker, and then as a mindfulness person, and then as a meditator, and now as someone who writes about the people who are eh practicing mindfulness for victims of mindfulness - I see a pattern there - I see someone who does something to destruction.

It reminded me of a *dating app* experience I had recently, where the person was huge into meditation - it slowly took over the conversation over the alloted hour/ date window to the point that towards the end it was the whole conversation. Now I made one pun about it that caused them to full on involuntarily laugh about it like a full body laught type thing, and a few minutes later I realised they were starting to feel really uncomfortable about it being funny (trust me reader, it was). This reminds me of the above guy in that they've gone so deep into this thing that they will stay there till they have to leave or it consumes them. In review of my *dating experience* I think that was the moment they went from person to ghost. No big loss there - just observation.

Conversley I know 2 lads who do a lot of it and they have wonderfully agile minds and tune into stuff in a great way.

I've definitely been annoyed by people pitching it to me over the years for the chronic pain side of things because essentially they invariably don't know what they are talking about. Like i'd spend 4-5 days in a blacked out room in a chronic pain hole concentrating on existing beyond that time and using whatever mental faculties I have to be able to function and you meet someone and they say 'oh you should try meditation' and I'd be like what do you think I've been doing, involuntarily for the past three years. I want to go up a mountain and drink cans.


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Aug 6, 2003
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this is a fantastic piece of writing. when I read it, it really clarified something for me that I had been trying to articulate, fairly clumsily, to a few friends of mine over the last year or so. it’s great, and everyone who wants to understand the last couple of years should read it.

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