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Well, my arm is in a cast now. The doctors were were impressed at my pain tolerance and stupidity.

No surgery as yet, but that might happen. The doctor seemed hopeful as whatever he did today went pretty well. He says the fact that I smoke meant that the injury hadn't fully healed, which turns out to be a good thing, as it would have healed in a monstrous deformed way, and they'd have to break it again.

The nurse was showing my x-rays to other random nurses like "look at this dickhead".

Anyway, I'm glad I finally sucked it up and did something about it. And also, I'm high as fuck right now.
Myself and the kids were sitting over in our swimming spot hanging our feet into the water, and I saw an otter paddling over towards us. I told the kids to keep an eye out and pointed to where he was. The youngfla immediately whipped his feet out, and my daughter leaned over to get a better look. The otter surfaced less than a meter away, and scooted past us.
I was asking the younglfa if he was scared of otters and he explained: Otters are the cats of the sea, they'll bite your toes, but just for fun. They can't help it.

I've never seen a wild otter as close, it swam underneath our feet. Otters: the cats of the sea.

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