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I can see the pros....but I've never shaved my head. Never will.
Yeah go to barbers to get it done!

Yeah fair enough -good for you.
I have very dry, curly hair which I always disliked. Nothing cool can be done with it - ever.
5 years after I went skin I started going bald anyway.
About 23 years later it is still gradually falling out very slowly. Another 10 years at least at this rate.
Bald guys are always the first to slag anyone about their hair.

We get angry when you fuckers have it but do a bad job with it.

Herself is always slagging me about how I comment on, not the state of other men's hair, but the degree of their balding ...

"Island over there."

"That lad is a horseshoe"

"Receeding but thick enough on top keep it."

"Bald fraud" (about anyone with plugs or a wig.)
I am, for work purposes, within the Besosh Pr1me machine. So I was just looking at watching "Everything Everywhere All at Once".

Suggested autocomplete said "Everything Everywhere All at Once movie".

No, I thought, this site has everything, so I see how it might get confused. But no, I don't want the famous movie, I want the everything everywhere all at once toilet seat.
It's a birthday gift for an enemy.

minor pleasure: I like my own jokes.
I was the tallest man at the Tallest Man on Earth show last night

or at least on the floor, I'm sure the balcony was being judged separately
Good? Saw him in Whelan's years ago.
He's definitely evolved
Full band now
Same goofy persona. More of a star now.
And seems a bit bored maybe playing his 'classic' tunes. Both Wild Hunt and Love is All were played kind of 'deconstructed'.

I was at that Whelan's show way back when. He came down into the crowd afterwards and chatted and signed stuff for us. It was a great time. I'd love another show like that - just him and the guitar and bleeding his heart out.
Housemates birthday. The other housemate (who's known him for a while, since they were kids) baked him a cake. It was all lovely.

Earlier in the evening I was invited out to the pub with these younglings, but I demurred. I should probably have gone out, but I didn't want to be the old guy in the room. Maybe that was the incorrect decision.
There is a guy in work who despises Marty Morrissey. I like to email him a few pics of the great man regularly. Its probably a form of harassment, but fuck it. Marty's cool.

The schools are off this week. The drive into work is almost pleasant.
Back to the usual shit next week.

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