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Aug 4, 2013
Just tidied my room. I'd forgotten that there was that much of the room there. and this bed has four corners? I've only been here four months or something.

I only wanted to do a little bit of tidying, because there's loads to do, too much for one fell swoop. But tonight I managed way more than I thought I would. There's still loads to do like, but I'm quite pleased.

Organising the many t-shirts was pleasing. Half of them are work related (read: black/covered in paint/branded in some way). The remainder are mostly black. Yet I have a system, and my black t-shirt of that band I saw ten years ago will never get mixed up with the black t-shirt of those guys I worked with once ten years ago. And so the band t-shirt shall never get thrown on one morning and then ruined at work.

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