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Mar 13, 2006
Assuming that you're on prednisone or some other generic equivalent, the going on them there's no getting away from, I always feel wired and high but in a really shit, edgy way for the first couple of days, and then my body gets used to them. If you're on a reducing dose you'll probably wean yourself off them ok but if you've been prescribed the same amount each day and then none there's a chance you'll feel their absence for a coupe of days too.

That's just me though, hopefully you wont get the side effects.
That's ok, it's Christmas so I can fill that void with alcohol and junk food
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Nov 15, 1999
Where dogs wear hats and birds fly backwards
When I started working at home fulltime in Sept I started driving to a nearby pub on a Wed night where they have an acoustic session - there's a core group of about 5 or 6, and a couple of hangers on like myself, all banging out a mixture of Irish come-all-yes and pop/rock covers. I drink a few non-alcoholic beers and jam along with everyone, and sing the odd pop tune I've learned - not my normal scene, but they're a fairly welcoming crowd and its a welcome social outlet for me.

And sometimes, like last night, the night just fucking takes off. The pub was hopping, the whole village seemed to be in the place and all mad for the music, musicians standing on chairs, a woman who must be in her 60s doing an amazing job on 'Will the circle be unbroken?' from atop a table, at one stage all the musicians were in behind the bar with the whole pub on its feet and singing along at full belt. It's mad, I never really understood pub culture or really had any sense of community in the place I live before ... and tbh I'll still an outsider, really, and the pub is changing hands in 2018 so who knows if it'll continue ... but anyway - last night was a pleasure for me, and I'm on a good buzz all day today :)


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Nov 1, 2002
Tharg, alien editor of 2000AD (in one of his previous human incarnations) replied to a question I asked on Facebook and tagged a veteran script droid to get his input.

chris d

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Mar 15, 2009
Dublin 1
Lucky you, I haven't been able to go for a bike ride for 3 weeks and it's driving me mad. I've gone all mucousy in the past couple of days so I'm hoping that's the home stretch
God speed. Day 16, after a morning of clearing my head of mucus (where does it all come from?), I am fairly much symptom free for the rest of the day.

ann post

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Oct 13, 2002
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I just went the

fuckloads of garlic and spices
plenty of lemsip (just the tablet things, not the stupid drinks)
plenty of water
as much time in bed as possible.
my immune system is pretty sound but I more or less managed 3 days of it.

Benny Cake

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Oct 15, 2005
by the station
My local supermarket has taken to playing obscure (to me) grunge music in the evenings, and quite loud. No-one plays a blind bit of notice. I find myself buying beers when I don’t really need beers. I like it!

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