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Fixie's are for beta males. I am a strong leader who crushes with power.

"I've got the beard, the tattoos, the obligatory hair cut. I've been going to the gym, I've got the tight sleeveless t-shirt."

Sounds like a fixie rider to me. :ROFLMAO:
Flipping dogs. I mean, they great and all. But the freedom when they're gone......
Its funny this. I absolutely love dogs as much as the next man..but having had a beloved one, I haven't much inclination to get another. Its A LOT of responsibility. I had an opportunity of a beautiful pup recently and just let it pass me by.
My housemates are MAD into getting a dog but myself and herself are like nah
This shit review of what was a great gig from a man who's wife probably left him for a Jarvis cocker lookalike.
It reads like a 1st year arts student's essay. More garbage from the IT

It’s behind a paywall but anyone I’ve seen post about it said it was deadly.

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