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Its almost 2 years since I've bought anything online coming from the UK.

In case anyone was wondering....:cautious:
Oh! I live just outside Slane, maybe I should do the quiz

All the musos down the pub were whining about Harry Styles playing, so I leared As It Was and have been playing it down there. It's actually a very well put together song - my voice doesn't really do it justice but it sounds absolutely gorgeous if you play it on piano
Fuck musos
just cycled down to city saw services in stoneybatter to drop the planer blades in for sharpening. and i cut my thumb on the door on the way in.
i guess that's a good sign?

oh, and fuck doors where the door handle is mounted way too close to the frame.
Lot of verve bashing. Some great tunes on the earlier pre-urban hymns releases. Crazy that they headlined though
It was the end of Britpop and we desperately wanted to be a part of it
Like the yellow-pack Brit mimics we are.
Having the Verve play wasn't about music, it was about a scene.

I'll defend harry though. He's as important to his fans as Morrissey or Metallica or Leonard Cohen (or whoever you got) were to us. He helps these young 'uns process life and experience joy.
same goes for Taylor Swift and whoever else we might poo on.

Or that's my take on it.
I spent 45 mins in a dump/recycling facility amd some areas I had to leave because I nearly puked due to the stenches,
and despite driving home after with all the windows down I still stink like bins.

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