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Apr 18, 2006
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I discovered my local o Brien's off license accepts them which is beside a SuperValu that also takes them. So that's my food and drink shopping covered for a while. Between those and take aways via justeat, it'll be gone pretty quickly
ah jaysus, all that whinging and you sitting on 300 quid of free booze the whole time


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Aug 4, 2013
Over-taped packaging. If the box you're shipping something in is self-sealing, why would you cover it in tape that I have to remove before recycling? There are no winners in this situation

This used to be a massive thing in my old work. But I'd be the wrapping stuff in the warehouse, and often also the one unwrapping stuff on site. So it was infuriating being on both sides of the situation.

It's to do with people, usually on shit money, being told to do their job really well. So they wrap the hell out of a package, post it, then it's not their problem. I would say "you know someone's going to have to unwrap that? Just put a bit of thought into what your doing, or else you'll be a package wrapping monkey your whole life."
and they would say "that's not my problem mate, I did my job".
"Em, you didn't though did you, really, if you think about it".
"Not my job to fink abouh ih mate".

Treat people like they don't know shit, and they'll behave like they don't know shit.

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