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Jimmy Magee

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Sep 17, 2002
Hello all

The purpose of this post, if indeed posts can be said to have a "point" or "purpose", or display the "intelligent design" of some "prime mover", is to tell you the following precise information, but in as annoying and roundabout a manner as possible:

Michael Knight (solo-ish)
Thursday January 19th
Doors 9pm
10 euro
Support from Miriam Ingram

..and then attempt to make this palatable by telling old fans of new songs, newer than the last new ones, and telling new fans of old songs that they really should know by now (just ask the old fans). Or, failing that, just please come, bums on seats are required or somebody loses a finger.

Hugs & kisses

"Quirky and idiosyncratic, Youth Is Wasted On The Young is a singular debut. Full of harmonic vocals, swirling melodies and odd chord progressions, it’s a complex yet accessible pop record" Hot Press
"Highly impressive pop" Irish Independent
"Cruel but catchy indie anthem" Irish Times (Foals single review)
"Irresistibly catchy songs and feel-good melodies" Sunday Tribune

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