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Dec 21, 2004
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The Black album is very good - for a mega selling LP - but it was so overplayed at the time I have little desire to hear it again. the first three Metallica albums are excellent but you could stop there really.
and apart from One I don't like And Justice For All much.
I only knew a few Metallica songs before the Black album came out.
I last Iistened to it ten years ago for the first time since the early 90's and the best tracks were the singles.
they could have thrown in a few faster more technical tracks for their old fans but then weren't arsed -
a sign of things to come.
as a gateway LP it does the job very well.

VOIVOD were mentioned earlier in the thread:
I only became a fan in the 2000's. I had written then off as spacey prog metal band in the 90's and didn't know their history. I only checked them out after repeatedly hearing them being compared to DIE KREUZEN.

Jason Newstead was in the band at tough point when Piggy the guitarist (d. 2005) and musical brain of the band was dying from cancer. the band were thinking of stopping afterwards and struggling to make ends meet - Jason has said he spent a million dollars of his own own money on Voivod.
after they got dropped by MCA in the 1990's vocalist lyricist Snake was out of the band until the early 2000's replaced by Eric Forrest but then returned. I am not very familiar with that era.

the 2018 LP The Wake is the best since the first four in the 1980's. the current guitarist Daniel (Chewy) is a music lecturer who worships Piggy's guitar playing. (I'd mistakenly got it into my head they had done another LP recently). I went to see them about 5 years ago at the Voodoo Lounge just hoping to hear some old songs. when the did songs from their then new EP Post Society few people knew them but by the end of the songs the crowd was going nuts. it was an amazing come back after decades not playing to their strengths.

the one disappointment - original bassist Blacky (the coolest looking man in metal in the 80's and also an electroacoustic sound artist) returned in the late 2000's and fell out with band after a couple of albums. apparently he was owed about 15,000 in royalties by the other members. a pitiful sum to lose a life long friend over.

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