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Enthusiastic Eunuch presents

Richard Dawson (Newcastle, UK)
Clang Sayne
Friday 9th May
Bello Bar, Portobello
Doors 8pm
Tickets €12 + booking available from Richard Dawson Tickets, Dublin - Eventbrite

"The Glass Trunk is a mesmerising, pungent collection that draws out hidden truths in strong bold strokes" - Stewart Lee on his album of 2013 (Sunday Times)

Richard Dawson by Declan Kelly

Newcastle's Richard Dawson returns to Dublin on Friday May 9th with a new album scheduled for Summer 2014 and fresh from seeing The Glass Trunk feature both as Stewart Lee's album of the year in The Sunday Times and reaching number 4 in The Wire's albums of 2013.

Dawson’s music is a collision of opposites, his hoarsely cracking voice suddenly rising to a magical soar that’s been compared to Tim Buckley, John Martyn and Richard Youngs, while his battered acoustic guitar veers from stumble to sublime in a way that can recall Sir Richard Bishop or Captain Beefheart.

As anyone who has caught either of his previous two visits to Dublin can testify, Richard Dawson is one of the most brilliantly talented, arresting, heartbreaking, surreal and hilarious performers you are ever likely to see and commands your attention in a way that only few performers could ever hope to. There are elements of John Martyn, Comus, Steeleye Span, Robert Wyatt and other English musical mavericks at play in Richard's music but such is the unique quality of Richard's stage performance that to list influences or to compare is almost to do him a disservice.

Last Summer in The Cobblestone, Richard broke our hearts and then ate a bunch of flowers. Let's see what we can get him to eat this time around.

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