[May 24, 2013] Teatronik - Teatronica Album Launch (Diatribe) (Dublin) (1 Viewer)


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Jan 10, 2013
Diatribe Records is launching our debut album Teatronica. It's €6 entry, plus you get a free download of the album!


"Newly formed Dublin-based duo Celsey McFadden and Monica Harkin are already producing intriguing electronic sounds with nods and winks to Amiina, Fever Ray and Portishead." Jim Carroll

"TeaTronik as the pair call themselves appear to have parachuted out of nowhere from the dank dark Irish skies but their arrival is to be welcomed. For once we have something from these shores that is not wacky, acoustic or an extension of ones own guitar. It is refreshing and if TeaTronik can develop on this auspicious of starts the stagnant whiff from the other villagers could once and for all be vaporised."
KD Mp3hugger.com

Support comes in the form of an Ickis Mirolo live set, Dorota Konczewska solo set, and ZoiD downtempo DJ set.

Ickis Mirolo:

"Yet another one to watch on the Irish underground electronic scene. His sound it unique not fitting into to wide fuzzy genres of bass or beat music, he rather opts for a much more intricate and delicate sound that is irresistibly appealing."-Soundblob

ZoiD is a Dublin-based DJ and producer and founding director of Diatribe Records.


7.30 - 9pm ZoiD DJ Set

9 - 9.45pm Ickis Mirolo Live

10 - 10.45pm Teatronik (full band set)

(Teatronik line up:

Celsey McFadden - Guitar
Monica Harkin - Vocals
Tilman - Piano
ZoiD - Electronics)


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