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Marisa Anderson
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Wednesday, August 29, 2018 - 08:00 PM
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Marisa Anderson
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Marisa Anderson's Thrill Jockey debut album Cloud Corner is out now

"There are some musicians whose skillful playing seems to come so easily, it can appear supernatural. Guitarist Marisa Anderson is one such sorcerer of song." - NPR First Listen

"Cloud Corner is another example of why Marisa Anderson is one of America’s most interesting and talented guitar players and composers." - Folk Radio UK

"[Marisa Anderson is] one of the most engaging solo players in the field today, blending blues, folk, and country forms into political and personal statements" -
Aquarium Drunkard

Following the release of her debut Thrill Jockey album Cloud Corner, guitarist Marisa Anderson will be touring Europe this August and September, with more dates to be announced.

Crafting dense worlds of sound with her guitar playing, Anderson's live sets are an escape from the ceaseless noise of the modern world, a moment out of time. Writing of her recent Vancouver show with Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Exclaim noted "What might have been a trio of guitarists were one in Marisa Anderson, a solo guitarist out of Portland, OR who stood alone, but nevertheless filled the space completely as she took to her strings with an almost alchemical mastery."

On Cloud Corner, Anderson’s music is boundless. Rooted in American folk music, her pieces are inspired by 20th century classical and West African guitar techniques. The results are revelatory. Written and recorded in a period of political and personal upheaval, the album was created as a refuge, tranquility in a time of turmoil.


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