[Mar 7, 2015] The Thin Air Magazine Launch - The Vincent(s), Hope Is... (Crane Lane Theatre) (1 Viewer)


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The Thin Air & FIFA Records presents:

The Vincent(s)
Hope is Noise
Jonny Rep

+ The Thin Air DJs

Saturday March 7th
Crane Lane, Cork
Free In
Doors: 8.30pm

The Thin Air Magazine launches in Cork!

Founded in May, 2013, The Thin Air is an Irish music and culture website and physical magazine ran by an avid, ever-expanding group of writers, photographers, artists and musicians utterly passionate about the independent music and culture of the island of Ireland and much, much further afield.

Sharing a common desire to deliver, promote and share music, arts and culture news, features, articles, reviews and media content, we are a dedicated, driven and diverse bunch comprised of (only occasionally world-weary) music journalists, photographers based everywhere from New York to Sweden, go-getting film-makers, starry-eyed live reviewers and more.

March issue of The Thin Air magazine - featuring Cork psych-rockers The Altered Hours on the cover, and an Inbound piece on Cork soul crew Shookrah - will be available exclusively on the night.



Since forming in Aug 2012, The Vincent(s) have toured extensively throughout Ireland and abroad and have a strong fan base at home and further afield, they represent something of a sea change in music that has emerged from the Ireland of recent times.

Raw recordings, noise and psych are the orders of the day. Their roots lie in surf sounds and early 90s US alt-guitar groove, which sit alongside an unmistakable Irish vocal. The band are currently in studio working on their debut long player with an expected 2015 release.



“Hope is Noise”. From that one offhand, seemingly cryptic musing, came an unlikely spark, one that brought four childhood friends together and give them a singular purpose: music that moves you. Moves you to sing, to dance along, to get angry, to identify with it and get immersed in its world and muses.

Since bringing their body of work under the banner of Hope is Noise in late 2004, the Cork four-piece have built a dedicated following, drawn equally to their ability to construct a winning pop tune with seemingly little effort, and their incendiary, hardcore tendencies; the result is a sound that in places resonates with a more considered take on Husker Du & Foo Fighters' knack for a tune, and burns with a rage comparable to Hot Snakes or At-the Drive In. It's a seemingly odd dichotomy, but over the course of two E.P.s and two critically-acclaimed full-lengths (Applaud Friends... and Under Friendly Fire, available for download from the band's Bandcamp), it's one that has formed the basis of something very special indeed, keeping fans and critics alike, across a wide cross-section of genres, hanging on.


Jonny Rep came about purely because the urge to make music would not fade... Pat, Derry and Fergus had started jamming and recording again, and were a little surprised how quickly the songs came together. A band name was required so a name very similar to that of a Dutch footballer from the seventies fitted the bill, a name that was friendly and individual but slightly unfamiliar. Equally, the new music needed to go live and so it was then Niall and Dave were asked to join in the fun.

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