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M Stevens & The Ghasts, Soft On Crime, Padraig Cooney
Posted by snakybus
Friday, June 24, 2022 - 08:00 PM
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Nov 7, 2001
Here are some band blurbs.

About M Stevens & The Ghasts
Mike Stevens has previously worked with a string of Irish alt folk & indie pop bands like Settler, Groom, Lie Ins and Skelocrats and was also co-founder of celebrated indie collective Popical Island. M's band The Ghasts are Mark Jordan (Seabeasts, Si Schroeder, Large Mound, Spook of the 13th Lock, The Run Ons), Hugh McCabe (Large Mound, Spook of the 13th Lock, Desert Aces), Ciaran Canavan (Land Lovers) and Donagh O'Brien (A Ritual Sea, Sweet Jane).

At the moment M Stevens & The Ghasts have a single out (Purple Heather - video above) with an album on the way in Autumn.
Purple Heather, by M Stevens & The Ghasts

About Soft On Crime
Soft On Crime are Padraig O'Reilly (Yeh Deadlies, Tieranniesaur, (retards) etc along with Dylan Phillips and Lee Casey (both Dinah Brand). They play short, sharp, melodic psyche-pop, have released a couple of shit hot records and are great live.
Soft on Crime

About Padraig Cooney
Padraig Cooney is the songwriting/musical mind behind such bands as Land Lovers, Skelocrats and Autre Monde. In solo form, Padraig already has released a couple of excellent singles in the art-electro idiom and has an album coming out on Strange Brew later in the year.

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