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lower deck gone?

Discussion in 'Eirecore' started by bohs punks, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. bohs punks

    bohs punks Well-Known Member

    says on punkforit that porco dio has to leave lower deck? any truth??
  2. needtokill

    needtokill New Member


    Malignant Tumor / Gurkha/ ColdWar/DeNov is the last one in the Lower Deck.
  3. bohs punks

    bohs punks Well-Known Member

    bad news, time fo rpeopel to start lookinf for anonther venue, maybe take a wander round your area and see what pubs, social clubs etc are there and have a function room / large lounge etc. bohs on its own cant sustain a scene for smaller gigs
  4. Janer

    Janer Well-Known Member

    The Annesley house although on the northside is surely the answer?
    They are very easy going in there and it's 10 mins from town.
  5. u:m

    u:m Well-Known Member

    is the lower deck stopping all gigs? or just porco dio ?
  6. Carlow Punks!

    Carlow Punks! Well-Known Member

    Is this for the age old reasons or something else in particular?
  7. Janer

    Janer Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna guess and say it's mostly to do with the drinking and congregating outside which annoyed them.
  8. rape the drummer

    rape the drummer New Member

    more to do with jazz gigs i heard....mo money
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  9. Napalm

    Napalm New Member

    When is this gig?
  10. damien

    damien Well-Known Member

    there is a new events manager in the lower deck who plans to turn it into a "proper" music venue. after agreeing to give us more dates till the end of the year (and shaking on it), he rang to say we didnt fit in with his plans and were out - trustworthy, eh?

    last gig is sept 7th. we are gonna temporarily move some gigs to bohs - though i'm not sure how that'll pan out as the last couple of times there i've got the impression that the barmen expect a "tip" from us for doing their job. plan is to scour the streets for a brand new location.
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  11. jillface

    jillface Well-Known Member

    so if anyone has any worthwhile suggestions for venues... speak now or forever hold your peace.
    we're thinking... somewhere that doesn't have gigs going on (and so would appreciate the extra revenue), although it would need to have the capactiy and be as central as possible.
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  12. ravishinrikrude

    ravishinrikrude Well-Known Member

    thats shit
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  13. Janer

    Janer Well-Known Member

    Upstairs over Conways in Parnell st? mighta being used b4 so I guess that was unsuitable?
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  14. SeanR

    SeanR New Member

    Note: This does not mean "to venue again".
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  15. damien

    damien Well-Known Member

    i really like that venue (when all the tables/chairs are moved) and the location is perfect but:

    -they already have regular nights there, i'm guessing thursdays are fairly booked

    -i booked two gigs there before on seperate occasions and the venue guy cancelled on me both times

    -i heard they are aiming for a specific music theme, ie jazz/electro or something.. i guessed that was why they cancelled on me before

    -they already have a PA and charge €€€. we want somewhere free with no PA

    we're looking more for a place that is doing badly, has a spare function room, no neighbours and not much of a history of gigs happening. in the city centre. i know we don't ask for much :)
  16. Daniel

    Daniel Well-Known Member

    Whats the place down past Tower records called? There were a few gigs upstairs there before i think.
  17. Janer

    Janer Well-Known Member

    International Bar
    Very very small and no air are the negative pts there
  18. BigDan

    BigDan New Member

    yep, waitin for that to happen. seems like theres a smooth fucker just waitin to take over once a venue has been established by hard work by people like damo/porco etc. its a vulture like situation!

    best thing is to just move on, the good thing is that the gigs are not dependant on location or long neck bottles of lager, its usually the bands that make people walk the extra half mile.

    guaranteed that you'll find another boozer who'll be delighted with the extra business.

    will keep an eye out and let you know......

  19. bohs punks

    bohs punks Well-Known Member

  20. damien

    damien Well-Known Member

    thinking more of the firestone/music room when empty buildings come to mind. can't believe not a thing has been done to it in all this time. best venue/soundest/least hassle ever.
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