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They were good last night.. My first gig since Covid started. I still regard their Sub Pop era stuff as 'recent Low' so when they break out something from the Great Destroyer and it's cheered like an old classic I suddenly realize that stuff is nearly 20 years old and it makes me feel ancient. With the production being such a major part of the last 2 albums it's very interesting ti hear how it translates live. Alan Sparhawk is still hilariously awkward at stage banter for someone who's gigged for 3 decades. Did not realize they were on to yet another new bassist.
Last night was so good, I’m still singing “Nothing But Heart”. I was disappointed not to find a box with @rettucs in it though.
haha, I wasn't able to make this one. First Low gig to miss in years and I'm devastated. New job and anti-social hours made it not possible. I was secretly hoping it would be terrible. Not a hope of that
There should be more matinee gigs. I remember seeing Sunn O))) at three in the afternoon in Whelan’s once.
agreed. I saw Dustin O'Halloran/Johanas Johansonn one sunday afternoon and it was a great time for it. Also, Suburban Kids with Biblical Names also did an afternoon show (which I missed cos I didn't know it was on).

I'll vote for you for president @Cornu Ammonis so you can make it so
There's a high numbers tweet waiting to be composed. "Name a more iconic duo than old lads loving Low and Shellac". Needs some work, but you get the jist.
Shellac are shit though.
True. Apart from Live at Action Park which is class. Subsequent efforts have been so bad though,,,

Shite in comparison to Big Black, Rapeman, absolutely. Still, if they'd only released Action Park, they'd be on a level of U.S Maple cultdom. Possibly.

Todd Trainer's first band are class - Riflesport. Minnesota could with his gangliness in game six. Come on Todd, put the vest on. Pat Beverley abuses an official and then slams it up to Trainer for the dunk. You're never too old Todd.
Honestly, I think all of Albini’s bands are a bit shit. I don’t understand why he’s so highly revered (as a musician anyway).
For me, that first 7" with the billiard player song was just astonishing. Made me want to give up being in a bad as a kid, what was the point when there was no way I could dream of reaching such heights.

After that, it's been one or two great songs per record, then lots of turdage, so much turdage. They're actually a band who'd benefit from a greatest hits.

Never not entertaining live though.
I supported US Maple they were shit. They were certainly very loud.

I think most of the bands getting name-dropped in this thread are shit as well.
I saw US Maple supporting Pavement once, I had no idea who they were but I loved it and most of the Pavement fans hated it and shouted abuse all the way through. They seemed to thrive on the hostility.
I saw US Maple when they played here ( was it in the funnel?) I thought at the time they were great,but I wouldn't listen to them these days.

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