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Dec 14, 2003
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No one gave out shite about Ronnie Biggs being released on compassionate grounds a few days prior to Megrahi's release.

I haven't heard one word in the Meeja about the flimsiness of the case or a sniff of what deal the Intelligence Services made just to shut up the people who wanted to know what really happened.

Dunno if BBC website counts but here ya go:


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Nov 8, 1999
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Jasus, balance from the Beeb. Thanks, Moose.

(I tend to ignore the Beeb as a news outlet, after the report a few years back from independent observers re reporting on the latest Iraq War, stating that the Beeb were the most biased of the popular meeja owing to the fact that they a) had lots of embedded people and b) are subject to D Notices, unlike their Yankee counterparts).


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Dec 9, 2005
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The first I heard about that was one of the victim's family members saying it on the BBC website.

I don't really remember it happening at all, or know much about it. So do you reckon that's what Scotland were doing, releasing him because they knew he was innocent? I thought they were just flexing their muscles as a independent country, but that it had kind of backfired when the people welcoming him home had Scottish flags and all that. Does this mean that the people welcoming him home were celebrating the end of a misscarriage of justice, or were they (as the news channels presented it) simply celebrating a load of Americans getting blown up?

In my humble opinion I have pretty much always found that the legal system in Scotland is the fairest and best run in the UK (as much as a legal system can be anyway) and it is sad that we've been played as pawns in this game. I don't believe that he's guilty and I think that America have to take a lot of the blame for what happened in Lockerbie. However, I also believe that we couldn't have actually gotten away with releasing him without some kind of nod from the 'big powers over the water' and that the PR that we're the bastards in all of this is exactly that, PR bias.

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