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Video of The Day Large Mound - My New Thing

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Nov 8, 1999
pete said:
My New Thing' Large Mound's fifth song from the monthly-release album Another Year Of Rock. Releasing a song on the 25th of every month in 2011 Large Mound are straight back into the fray for May with My New Thing. Ratching up killer riffs from the get-go it's a retu to their signature of short sharp rock that fuses a hard rock attitude with laid-back ease. Equal parts optimism realism and witticism the four-piece Dublin band play hard singing about life and dreams raising a smile with the little things that bring them down. Another Year Of Rock is the fourth album from Large Mound available to stream or download from www.largemound.bandcamp.com. Individually produced by a top range of engineers and paired with specially-commissioned artwork the gradual release of tracks each month has given listeners a steady indication of the record's strength. From Gypsy Bride's bouncy charms to the lingering ascent of You'll Never See A Dinosaur all the songs so far are winning singles in their own right. Now with the added hope of My New Thing it's a dead

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