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The one that took the biscuit for me was girl band changing to gilla band.
I thought it was a wind up. I've no problem with them changing their name, but feeling the need to publicly apologize to anyone they might have offended for misgendering. Rock bands are afraid they might offend anyone. Absolutely pathetic.
They were probably just trying to avoid appearing in the Thumped cancelled thread
I love that Gilla is an old Irish term for boy. So they essentially changed their name to Boy Band with their records sitting really close to the old name alphabetically.
Does it come from Giolla? I didn't cop that
No it's from home and away

My whole perception of Gilla Band is not kinda as most would approach them

I ended up at one of thier shows years ago by accident and it was great, I had to go googling the next day to figure out who I'd seen. In that approach the old name was fun, to me.
Probably not the time or place..but..

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related unrelated... had lunch with my mother and her partner there yesterday.
he's fond on jeremy clarkson like 'one eyed man in the kingdom of the blind' bullshit (delivered in a plumy english accent).. (a highlight being ''if two men can marry, then can I marry my dog'').

over the years I've given up responding, as its effectively IRL trolling - he just loves being the center of attention.

so when he got into 'so I believe we can't call black people black any more, but we're still called white...' I went for a shite.

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