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John Bush is the new voice of Burger King + 'SNEAK KING'

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Dec 4, 2002

If you have missed the voice of ARMORED SAINT/ex-ANTHRAX singer John Bush, start listening for John Bush voiceover on Burger King TV commercials, which should start airing for the holiday season. The first spot is for a Burger King credit card stocking stuffer, while the second spot is in conjunction with Xbox.

ARMORED SAINT played a number a European and U.S. dates over the summer, some of which were taped for the band's upcoming live DVD. It is not presently clear if plans exist for the group to begin work on a new studio album. ARMORED SAINT's last CD, "Revelation", came out in 2000 on the Metal Blade label.


Joey Belladonna is back working in Roma II

ALSO - promo for new burger king xbox game SNEAK KING!
amazing - you sneak around giving people burgers - best promotion ever.



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Jun 6, 2001
bush is out, belladonna is in. shame. bush is so much better then belladonna. my opinion of scott and charlie has dropped considerably as a result.

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