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Nov 14, 1999
Oh I do have one story about it - I'd bought their first album after seeing the video for The King Is Half Undressed, and loved it. After that, nothing. They vanished from view and there was no way to find out anything about them... life before the Internet was cruel like that.

And then, one day out of the blue, I found Spilt Milk sitting in the cd rack in Tower Records. I hadn't even known it existed. Happy fuckin days.

The end.


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Jun 6, 2001
Such an @Anthony band. I only ever knew about them through him, even back in the 90s. Quite like a lot of what Jason Faulkner did after Jellyfish, and even though he's not an this album the musical thread that goes through this outfit goes through others like The Grays and Faulkner's solo stuff. I like this record, but I'd imagine if I ever saw them live I'd like them and it even more. I think seeing this kind of music performed gives you an appreciation for the artistry involved. As it is, small doses with this album. Like Faulkner's records there's 2 or 3 incredible songs (New Mistake), some really good ones (All is Forgiven) and a few filler/naff/derivative ones (Bye, Bye, Bye).


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Jun 21, 2006
2 of these lads are in Beck's current touring band, Jason Falkner and another lad


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Jul 26, 2000
Jellyfish bloke writes one of the endorsements on the inner jacket of the recent Andy Partridge songwritey explainobook.

Can we have an XTC album next? Don't think they were on my list but maybe for the 2017 generation


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Jul 15, 2007
I've been listening to this a good bit lately. Before this all I knew of jellyfish was now she knows she's wrong & liking the king is half undressed (I saw the video on Super Channel, I think)

What I really about this type of music is that it harks back to a time when proper bands were writing great pop music that would get into the charts. Songs which can be enjoyed purely on a sing along level but are also musically interesting for those who appreciated that sort of thing. Bands that knew chord changes, harmony, melody, old fashioned songwriting. Those types of bands don't seem to get near the charts much anymore.

They were reaching for something here that I don't think they quiet achieved. But the talent and ambition are very impressive.
It's strengths are also it's weakness. It's probably trys to be too clever sometimes (something which really turns off the average listener) They obviously know their music theory and there is an element of music students showing off. Maybe they had a inkling this was their last hurray and they were going for broke. I think the creative pressure of making spilt milk is what caused the rift between Manning & Sturmer. It's also impossible to listen to without being reminded of a miriad of classic pop/rock bands of the past.

1 - Hush - 2:11
Beautiful lush intro of stacked harmonies, reminds me of when Dorothy lands in Oz, opens the door and the world turns from black & white into technicolour. That and mid 70's Queen.

2 - Joining a Fan Club - 4:03
Really like this one, very Queen like in places. Love the drums. Andy Sturmer is a damn good drummer. I doubt he used a stand up kit in the studio. Minor complaint, I don't like the doubled up section @ 02.10

3 - Sebrina, Paste and Plato - 2:23
That has to be Roger Manning singing the girly intro. Loads of beach boys influence going on. Cool Chorus. A good example of music nerds showing off.

4 - New Mistake - 4:02
I love this song, just classic power pop. The breakdown bit at 02:42, the supertramp part I call it, is one of my favourite parts on the album. Again some great drumming going on.

5 - Glutton of Sympathy - 3:49
Decent song, but I could imagine Mr.Big or Extreme doing this (I must admit to owning 2 extreme albums. Mainly because Nuno is a great guitar player) I really like the chorus, but I just keep hearing Your my favourite waste of time by Owen Paul.

6 - The Ghost at Number One - 3:36
What a great song. My favourite on the album. Reminds of late 70's Sweet. There's a video of them performing this on Later in 1993. It's nigh on perfect.

7 - Bye Bye Bye - 4:03
I really this, great melodies. European Umpah pop. Love the harpsichord. Another showoff arrangement but done very playfully.

8 - All Is Forgiven - 4:09
Some cool Queenesque BV's but this is the poorest track on the album for me. They heavier they go, they less interesting they are. Next

9 - Russian Hill - 4:45
Nice autumnal ballad. I really like the falsetto vocal melody.
There's is a cool soundtrack style arrangement @0.2:59

10 - He's My Best Friend - 3:44
Almost throwaway but I like the good vibes. I like the piano riff.

11 - Too Much, Too Little, Too Late - 3:14
Good tune, I lIke the chord progression. As with Glutton of Sympathy I could hear Mr. Big doing this (If you know Green tinted sixties mind) and that's not really a good thing.

12 - Brighter Day - 6:12
This is good one, lots going on musically. it also returns to the fairytale intro to finish with some nice string arrangements.

As I said I really like this album but it just falls short for me. Let down by some slightly weak songs and maybe his tone of voice at times is a bit reminiscent of some dodgy hair metal bands of the era. I must do up a best of jellyfish CD.

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