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I ended up in a bicycle pun battle last night. Then the puns got worse and worse. Eventually, about 30 jokes in, I said "we're in the bottom bracket of bad puns here".
Then someone said to someone else "you've got a handle on this. You can be the spokesperson".

In other bicycle hilarity, a mate had a nasty fall. Just a sprained wrist, but it happened because he managed to get an umbrella caught in his spokes. That is just inherently funny.
New bike rental thing launched in Navan last week. People are having a hard time getting their heads around it. It's a scheme where you just leave the bike. Locals are like "you should be made put it back at a station!!" Yea like I'm going to cycle home but before I enter the house I just have to leave the bike back to where I got it?!?
I think people are just annoyed that the bikes are being left lying around all over the place instead of standing up on their stands out of the way. However I reckon people are just kicking them over. Because we can't have nice things.

I had a grump to myself about these leave-it-anywhere schemes the other day. People are stupid, and I worry that one day a fire exit is going to be blocked by these bikes and people will die. The people who run these businesses don't care about that, it's not their problem. This is part of a wider grump I have of the California idea of "Move fast and break things".

The local kids have discovered how to break the locks on one of these bike businesses. So now all those kids have free bikes. Eventually the battery stops working, but still, free bike. 30kg illegal bikes, but free bikes.
I found my bikes!

I'd left them in storage at the local pub. Then they got moved around and no one knew where they were.

Then just now walking past the LBS, I ask bikeman "where did you get that bike?".

He was more than happy to give them back to me. He might even give them a service. It's just that the pub needed to do a clear out and bikeman was the logical go to guy. Ownership of the bikes was lost in the annals of time.
I was lucky. It's about two grands worth of bike.
i haven't actually eyeballed it yet, but for โ‚ฌ100 i wasn't going to turn it down.


after a bit of googling, i have discovered that it seems to be a 1992 diablo DX model. (the diablo decal on the top tube is still barely visible). i might try to source an original deore DX RD to replace the one that's on it.
I need to reset with my inclement cycling gear. Wearing an 11 year old Gael Force North t-shirt today and a, at least, 15 year old base layer shirt underneath. Trying to get it off is collarbone break territory.
Sold my carbon fibre bike. Four cartons of cigarettes and a pint. I think, with some mental gymnastics and creative accountancy, this is a good deal for all concerned.

I'm glad to have finally gotten rid of it. And I'm quite pleased that it's gone to someone who knows about bikes.

I don't like the liquifying of capital assets, but I've been dragging this sexy beast around for over a decade, and now I don't have to anymore.

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