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Is is okay to eat meat?

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nuke terrorist

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Dec 21, 2004
'north munster'
i worked on a farm because my parents expected me to get a summer job and there was virtually no other jobs locally. only 10% of the protein an animal eats is retained in meat. about 1/8 of what a pig eats becomes pig weight. your diet is a personal choice. don't say you don't know what goes on. i haven't spoken to people outside my area about the bad experiences i had in this but i am now. people expect animals products on their plate but haven't got a clue about farms. screaming animals being loaded onto trucks with electric prodders, some die on the way to the factory regularly. i heard of many animals dying in live export shipments one i was told about over 1/3 of the pigs died enroute to italy. when i got away form this it was hard to come to terms with what i had been involved in and as i changed my life its affected me for years afterwards. i don't blame farm labourers -they are treated like shit. i used to ask myself why are we doing this when we could be eating the grain ? the idea farm animals can ever be treated compassionately is a joke in my experience.

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