Irelands Hidden Talent: its a Blue Shed video Showcase Goddammit! (1 Viewer)


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Feb 1, 2010
Ireland's Hidden Talent: its a Blue Shed video Showcase Goddammit!
Hi all,
Working with Blue shed we always end up somewhere filming something, and every now and again we get to film something that we think deserves special attention

We have decided to Post those videos up here to get them a lil deserved recognition from the peeps of Thumped amongst others. We will update the thread everytime we film something we think you should know about.
Who knows you could be the first to see the new Mick Flannery, Fred, or the frank & walters. So subscribe to the thread for Things going up in the future. bands playing live ranging from Hayseed dixie, the 4 of us, to local unknown talent and any thing interesting we come across along along the way. So feel free to subscibe to the thread to keep updated on all the new videos and support local acts and venues around Cork. Dont mind my spelling just watch the videos,
So then who have we picked to kick off this dubious but hopefully entertaining thread? well this week its...


First off we have here, a very talented group of skilled musicians from east cork. Youghal to be precise.
A Band called Deburca. We have seen them performing accoustic as well as full live sets. Very contempory with anthems as well as insiteful lyrics with hooks that most alternative rock bands would kill for. Very gifted and melodic, with every so often a cpl of rocking covers but their real strength lies when performing their own material. Keep an eye out for these guys as I know they are gonna be gigging in the city really soon. If your wondering why the sound is a little "live" well, thats because thats exactly what it is. No fiddling on reverb, no adding of bass or tweaking the stereo channels. What you hear is exactly wht these guys do live. And its exactly what my Camera picked up on the day.
You want dolby surround sound? well then, you'll just have to buy their album.
Deburca we salute you. Rock on.

Performing two of their new tracks off their upcoming as yet unnamed album

Deburca Live "Almost Empty"

Deburca Live "Leathal Whisper"

Recorded & Filmed live in Claycastle studios in Youghal by us at blue shed.
(Cork Connection? - Based and from East Cork, Youghal)

Band Members: John Burke, Derick Hyland, Tony Kiely, Joe Collins, Ollie Loughnan.

Chances are if there is one video up here from a band, there will be more of the same on our youtube account
or on our website

If you have something special that we dont know about or know some band that in a few months should be heading for world domination then send us a link, a number, a facebook profile dammit ...anything and we will do our best to get something of them up on here for everyone to see.
For example we stumbled across this young guy Eoghan Murphy who studies music in UCC, he played the Rory Gallagher track "too much alchohol" and ripped the roof off. Amazing stuff. We were so impressed the next day we arranged to do a video shoot of the very man, penciled in for next week. Hopefuly you will get to see what it is were talking about if we post it up here.
Anyhoo Best way to contact us is email as we really do hate our phones,
[email protected]

We film it ... so you dont have to
Maurice & Shane (the good looking one) Supple

Blue Shed Productions .|..|

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