Inner Terrestrials return, November First (1 Viewer)


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Playing in Letterkenny, night before if anyone fancies it, fancy dress and big bonfire party after. Support from Excuses, Axis Of and First Impressions.



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Swing round ours if anyone's lookin for a spot of pre-bash splashin. €5.80 for a pint of pish in Dorans? I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!!11111111111

closed groove

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Wish I could see them again they were great in Sligo the other night!!! The place was bouncing especially the floor!!! Would love to have gone to another gig but am busy all weekend so just have to get by spinning the record repeatedly!!!


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Interesting gig, I was led to believe I would hate these 'cos they were Ska but to me they had a fair bit of Dub in them.
Wee bit of trouble near the end of the night as 1 of the helpers/bouncers was nothing more than a drunken lout...Dregin saved a lot of hassle but in the end the drunken dodgy bouncer picked on him, the rest of the bouncers were embarrassed about this thug from the word go...
In the end we had a saviour and contrary to what people think John Foley came across and put that thug in his place.
Anyways less of the negative stuff, what a wonderful gig!
Freebooters were decent but interestingly enough Droppin' Bombs seem to have ratched up the quality of their set.
IT I was led to believe I would hate but inf act I totally respected them and enjoyed their Dub (not ska)
We went to tracey's gig on on the Tap at the end, laffs there, photos tomm sometime hopefully, I R tired,,,,CEREAL!

bohs punks

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weird being on a stage|

great night all round - dropin bombs were great and the iner lads are some shit hot musicians

thanks to john for puttin it on!


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good reviewjaner,fuvkin work experience bouncer was right CUNT. yer mqn johnsaved q loqd of hassle. inner t's were greta and dropp ing bombs were best i've seen. (thats only een bout 3 times tho) and freebooters werre great too, main reason being there electricity didnt cut in th middle of their set (like the last time isaw them in leechrum aaaaaages ao)

me = wankered and stealing dregins laptop, oh yeah, hi this is ANARCO MUNK, a tA rthe motehr feeeeeeeeeeeeking M.

so yea, great gig overall and tap was a laff afterwards. and bout 20 people here tonigt, mostly galywa feclheads


i apoligize in aadvance for my most drunken post yet EVAR on eirecorrrrrrrrrr(k)e


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haaa....still logged in while dregin is snoring his ballix off next to me, gonna milk this oppurtubity for as long as i dobt fall asleep headfirt on his laptop


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bout 20 people here tonigt, mostly galywa feclheads
a lad must've been seeing double, dont think theres even 10 people here! bodies all over the shop though in fairness.

there was so many people at that gig only caught inner terrestrials, kept thinking your mans tshirt said 'polish bastards'.

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