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Mormon Nailer

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Dec 6, 2005
  • The hard drive on the PC was nearly full so I decided to offload all my pictures to the NAS.

Jesus what a palaver.

Copy all the images to an external hard drive
Delete anything obviously fucked up - out of focus, irrecoverably under or over exposed
Sort things into some sort of folder structure
  • Year
  • The Date - this is what Lightroom
  • The Event
I ended up with a combination Year with subfolders for specific events and anything personal or just fucking around was left in a date folder.

So far so good.

But copying large volumes of files in windows is a pain.

It was going to take 22 hours to transfer the files
Night 1 - Computer restarted to install updates
Fuck fuck fuck
Night 2 - Computer again restarted to install updates
Bugger bugger
Night 3 - Computer spent the night wating for me to answer a "do you still want to merge the contents of this folder dialogue.

Finally it seems to be working

But there must be an easier way!

And that's before I content with the mess this has made of my Lightroom catalogue

Should I just nuke the Lightroom catalogue?
Do people keep more than one catalogue?
Do I just accept the default - stick everything in a folder based on the date - or is there a better way?

ann post

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Oct 13, 2002
Internment Explorer sp3
After a few years on windows, linux and mac platforms generally dealing with audio archives and switching programs depending on the piece, I've found the best fit for me is to do it all manually.

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