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Nov 5, 2000
There comes a time in life to draw a line under what has gone before. To square the circle. To cross the streams.

Humble Dublin-based rock combo :Hounds: have found themselves hard at work writing a follow-up to January’s debut album release “Spacemad”.
Often one of the band might turn to another and remark that “New song in C” reminds them of an early version of “No Brakes” (originally a cautionary tale about caution). Worse, from time to time, the band might break into a chillwave version of “Nightbaker”.

Something had to be done.

In keeping with :Hounds: tradition of making poorly thought out decisions without even cursory consultation of their auditors (PWC, naturally), it was decided that the only way to be sure was to take off and nuke the site from orbit.

In layman’s terms, :Hounds: debut album “Spacemad” is available as a free download from http://hounds.bandcamp.com/.

Right now.
In real life.

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