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Nah, not really, although we might need a list for people to get in by the front door instead of the club entrance.
Also, these albums don't pay for themselves CORMOCLASH.

Entry to the gig will be via the front door / bar entrance to Whelans.
Pay at the upstairs venue.
After 10.30 you'll need to give your name at the front door - the guestlist will be everyone who is 'going' +1.

Be early or you :
a) won't get a CD
b) will miss an amazing band.

It's science.
Hey everybody - if you change your Facebook names to stuff like "Whelans is run by pricks and I hate the fucking place," then that has to go on the guest list if you are attending, which means that when you arrive you get to say to the doorman "Whelans is run by pricks and I hate the fucking place" and he has to let you in.

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