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I am going to try the homebrewing. I was thinking of just getting this set of equipment. There are two fermenters - is that so you can leave it ferment in one and then transfer it to the other for mixing with the priming sugar or just so you can have two batches on the go? is a grommet the air lock thing? is leaving it ferment in a plastic bucket as good as the glass ones? can you put a brew belt on the plastic buckets? I know i could ring up and ask these questions but i get confused. I have a book and it seems easy enough but then when i think about starting it i have an awful time trying to remember what i need to do and know.

You have two fermenters so you can transfer the brew a couple of times to reduce the sedement when bottling, fr most kit beers you'd only really need one fermenter. Only prime when you bottle or keg. For beer a food grade plastic bucket is fine. if you live in a gaf with central heating you won't need a brew belt. i kept my beer in a press with a duvet wrapped around it and it was grand. you can get Grolsch swingtop bottles on offer every now and then
no, 1 lemon.

i started a batch of Turbo lemonade last night. Same recipe as the ginger beer but replace the ginger with 9 lemons. You need to peel the zest of them and stick them in a food processor until they're dust and juice the rest. I'll post results
the yeast/sediment goes rotten and ruins the brew i think.

i drank some of the lemonade last night with a few friends. Final strength was about 9%, taste was quite bitter so i added 3 spoons on sugar to each pint which made it taste more like vodka and lemon.
walshe's apple juice from superquinn starts fermenting of its own accord. we had a bottle in the press, and i'd say it was only a couple of days from bursting.
what's your elderflower recipe?

Sorry just seen this now

you need 1 pint of elderflowers (dont push them too tight together),3 pounds of sugar,8 pints water,1 orange,2 lemons,1 tbsp wine yeast.

Skin the lemons then juice whats left and the orange.
Put elderflowers,lemon skin and sugar into mixing bucket
Add boiling water,stir till sugars dissolved.
Let it cool then add the juices and yeast,cover and leave for 4 days.
After the 4 days strain off the peel and flowers,put in new container,seal it up and allow to ferment (first time i left it for 5 days,second time was 9 days,9 worked better)
Once its done fermenting bottle it up and leave for 6 months ideally.My girlfriend got stuck into the first batch I done almost immediately,it was very sweet/fizzy but still absolutely drinkable.
I'm currently bottling the second lot,running it through coffee filters first so most of it is coming out pretty clear,I just hope it tastes as good as it looks.


I'm hoping to get one more batch of it made before the elderflowers disappear from the trees but they're sold dry in rathmines if you fancy giving it a try.
I recommend elderberry wine, but you need patience to make the best elderberry wine, although most books say you can scrape the berries off with a fork you get too much stalk and too many inferior berries that way. Best way is to pick only the best berries off by hand (purple hands are inevitable). It makes a big difference to the flavour and quality of the wine.
The list of brewers on that website isnt that exciting. I'm not paying €10 or €15 for a ticket only to pay €5 inside for a pint I could probably get in against the grain or other places without having to pay in. BAH
Never made it to the Irish Craft Beer festival but props to them for setting it up. It's an advertisement for what's available if anything else.

Getting into the homebrew the past while myself, the first brew is carbonating in the bottles as I speak. A wheat beer kit from Munton's, reckon it's going to be about 4%. I think a touch too much water and not enough aeration of the yeast kept the abv on the low side. Not to worry though it's all a learning process. It tasted ok going into the bottles so I'm sure it will only improve further.

Imo homebrewing is the perfect obssesive hobby. An amalgam of scientific experimentation, recipe creativity and a high attention to detail all resulting in your own beer.

Planning on doing a full boil extract brew next using hops and grains I've selected myself. A 6% dark red ale for Christmas with a few spices thrown in. Psyched!

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