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My hobbies are running and playing guitar.
I actually had a good crowd of people that I used to run with in work before we all started working from home. I do miss that sometimes.
I really want to buy this one, with a fine or medium nib, but there's no way I can justify it.

That is a nice pen, and by no means totally rediculous as an aspiration. Some of them, like Visconti's, are insanely expensive.

I want one of these Flameworked Glass Pens With Lifetime Repair Warranty - See Samples & On-line Catalog. I've a small collection of lovely inks and the idea of easy cleaning to change colour appeals to me. I've been restricting my purchases so far to relatively inexpensive options. My biggest splash out was for this TWSBI (not from Goulet Pens but was there after looking at the pilot) TWSBI Mini AL Fountain Pen - Silver

The Jinhao 933 Shark pens are cheap as chips fun and surprisingly nice to write with, and come with a converter. I bought some for my son and then bought more for me. Have them filled with different colour inks.

I have always loved pens, and notebooks, and nice stationery. My handwriting isn't great but I always feel that I write better when I'm using nice writing tools.

There is an environmental side to it too, trying to reduce "disposables". There is a lot of single use plastic in a standard ballpoint!

I've been working on improving my cursive, haven't used "joined writing" much since I left primary school. There is something calming and mindful about focusing on the shape of the letters and not just on what you're communicating... which is why I've been considering trying modern caligraphy... but rabbit hole...

Lots of left handed calligraphers out there, and fountain pen users too... quick drying inks seem to be key.
There was a guy I cycled past in lockdown every day on my fake cycle to work and he was mowing his lawn, which was short but not done to the level that someone would play golf on it every second day - which kinda started me thinking that a lot of men can get to a place where they don't really have hobbies that aren't maintenance. hiking, cycling, bit of swimming, reading about etymology, making things - very much the problem solving process of that, staring at old maps, pricking about on the internet..
See... it depends.

You'd think 40C is bad. And... it is.

But if it's dry, and you can get shade, it's actually grand.

I'd prefer Nevada/Arizona over DC for example. Because you can control things, if you get me. In DC the heat just builds. The Bronx just gets HOTTER. Every. Fucking. Day.

Az gets blindingly hot, for a few hours, then it's grand. Plus it smells kind of nice at night.

But, I mean, I'm leaving the US, because I'm no longer able to deal with the heat, so... yeah, possibly full of shite here. Still, I'd give it a go, assuming the humidity is ok. Whihc I think it is in Iran.

I'm not designed for hot weather either. The ration of heat we get in Ireland is enough to set me off.
There are colours I just cant wear on a hot day. My shirt would look like an atlas. Not good.
I'd love to develop some new hobbies. It's tough though. I have to be genuinely fascinated by the subject or it's like being forced fed.
I've gotten into yoga and weightlifting over the last couple of years. I also love hiking (especially in Australia where you can drive 15 mins from home to hike in eucalyptus and grass tree forest and see kangaroos and koalas and echidnas) and cooking elaborate Indian or sometimes Chinese/Korean/Malaysian food. And in-depth planning of holidays that may or may not happen. I like pottering with plants but not consistently so most things die after a year or two. And a bit of half assed smartphone photography, mostly of plants and streets/buildings.
there are six of us (three couples) on a group chat, and we somehow talked ourselves into a 'draw your self portrait challenge'; one of the group is actually an art teacher. i used to be a really good draughtsman; i.e. i could produce excellent copies of what i saw in front of me, but never had a flair for it.
anyway, my self portrait ended up looking like the last thing you'd see before the bag was pulled over your head.
(my main hobby is writing/playing music, which I'm doing incessantly atm, but let's ignore that for now)

Some other hobbies I've indulged in:

Started writing a (sci-fi) novel and a kind of anti-self-help book. Didn't finish either, but might some day

Used to do salsa dancing, and kinda loved it - I loved the dancing part, but never really got good enough at it to be comfortable dancing with anyone except Mrs. egg_. Would love to actually get proper competent at it, might go back to lessons some day

Summer before last I took part in a musical (minor part in Oliver) and loved it. Would do again

My next thing is an online improv theatre course, which I'm starting next month and quite excited about
I bet my mid 2000's rep points that they cast you as fagin.
Alas, I missed the original auditions (didn't hear about them until it was too late) and missed my shot - someone dropped out of the role of Mr. Brownlow (Oliver's granddad) after production started so I got that. I always wanted to play Fagin in Oliver, sickened that I might have missed my one-and-only-chance

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