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Oct 13, 2002
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The album is pure mental. They're literally ex scene kids who used to be into BrokenCyde and Attack Attack, went through a period of being embarrassed about it, and are now doubling down and going "no fuck this, that music was the BEST" and they've done a whole album stuff on that level. There's bits on there that sound like people trying to build on Maniac 2000 (or whatever their local version of that was)- taking it as serious music, with the no context-spotify 2019 thing excising it of the genuine across-all-classes cultural phenomenon that that song was.

It's the aural equivalent of having 20 browser tabs open at once - it feels awful, it hurts your brain, but due to the seamless nature of modern design you can't turn it off.
It kinda reminded me of sankan action (action fish) though they are less intense than i remember. Just the general barrage of everything

Probably gonna listen to these guys all day now.

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