Hefty Horse Christmas Gig with Viking Moses, Derrick Devine and The Alpaca Jamboree (1 Viewer)

Hefty Horse

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Jan 23, 2008

facebook invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/443553755680678/

Hefty Horse Presents:
Viking Moses (US)
Derrick Devine
The Alpaca Jamboree

Little Green Cafe (high street, dublin8)
Friday December 7th
doors 8pm // 5euro or 3euro for students

christmas is coming early this year, december 7th to be exact, with a wonderful from treat from us folks here at Hefty headquarters.

we have the absolutley fantastic Viking Moses coming over to headline our christmas bash with two wonderful local support acts.

the gig will be taking place in the Little Green Cafe on High Street , Dublin 8. you can find more info out about the venue here:


Viking Moses:


MTV wrote:

“If the DIY house show circuit has a pied piper, his name is Brendon Massei. Massei, who plays music under the name Viking Moses, has been recording and touring independently as a full-time job since he was 14, and he’s spent more than half of his life paving trails for other musicians to follow. Artists that Massei took on their first tours include: Deer Tick, Scout Niblett and Nat Baldwyn of the Dirty Projectors.”

Alan McGee wrote in The Guardian:

“Viking Moses is ‘The Most Uniquely talented musician since Kurt Cobain… an absolute genius, and one of the best musicians I have ever released.”

from Tony Wilson’s blog:

“Viking Moses is one of those people you can’t help but liking, because he’s so DIY and down to earth even though he’s got a tremendous talent. He is one of the few people in the world to have silenced Tony Wilson when he played, and as a result many of Tony’s colleagues now carry their own Viking Moses doll with them, just in case.”


VIKING MOSES - was initiated by Southern Missourian Brendon Massei in 2003. The band has a dynamic, rotating cast of both established and obscure musicians worldwide, and is currently based between Scotland (UK) and Northern Appalachia (USA).

Viking Moses’ rock/soul recordings are very accessible in convention, though live shows normally tend to have an unconventional approach, being hosted in unorthodox venues, often having assembled bands night-of, using members of support bands or strangers in the audience. Both aspects are delivered with utmost soul, passion, and humility, and always offer fans and strangers an experience which is unique and often contrary to expectation.

Viking Moses has been finding very fair attention since 2004. Thanks to Devendra Banhart’s “Golden Apples Of The Sun” compilation and good words, followed by a signing by Alan McGee (Creation Records founder, and manager of Oasis, Jesus & Mary Chain, Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai, Libertines, etc.) and fanatical support by the late Tony Wilson (founder of Factory Records, and manager of Joy Division, Happy Mondays, etc.) Viking Moses has found high acclaim in UK, Europe, and North America and they have been kept heavily active in those parts of the world these past few years.

In 2011 UK film company Pulse Films shall be releasing a feature length documentary film based on cult artist Viking Moses. Filmed in America over a 5-week period in Spring 2009, the shoot was based on a tour of small house shows and other obscure musical events focusing on Viking Moses. The film strives to be as unconventional as the medium allows, mixing completely uninfluenced observational documentary styles with heightened images and dramatized scenes. Telling the story of Viking Moses’ long career (1993 - present) the film ultimately will be a surreal portrait of a man who lives by his own choices, and how this sheds light on the wider ideas of choice and modern lifestyles. This film also features performances by Deer Tick, Phoshporescent, The Shivers, and many other notable and extraordinary contemporaries.

“The Conquest Night” (a children’s story of sorts) is the third studio album release by the Viking Moses, recorded on the Oldham family farm in central Kentucky by Paul Oldham, featuring the talent of Spencer Kingman (of Spenking), John McCauley III (of Deer Tick), Cody Brant and Jacob Soto (of Flaspar).

This is an unusual story about two rural youths who go out past their curfew, and the situations they get themselves into and out of along the way: wild dog attacks, forest fires, exploring abandoned houses, skinny dipping, confrontations with other adolescents on their own adventure; to experience the night of their lives only to learn to let it go to make room for the new nights yet to come! This story is told from the point in time where innocent love has yet to approach the arbitrary fork where it decides to separate its romantic aspects from those platonic.


“The Parts That Showed” is the sophomore album release by the Viking Moses, recorded on the Oldham family farm in central Kentucky by Paul Oldham, featuring the talent of Spencer Kingman (of Spenking), John McCauley III (of Deer Tick), Cody Brant and Jacob Soto (of Flaspar) and Evelyn Weston.

This is a unique story of a teenage part-time prostitute who spends her earnings buying ice cream for neighborhood children, and of the man who obsesses over her from afar, told from both angles, and spanning their lives. However, the approach of this story intends to transcend taboos and judgment to offer the listener a vast spectrum of the emotion and ideals of the characters, setting and circumstance.

This album was written with the dream that it might one day be sung by Dolly Parton, and so pays tribute to her work and inspiration.


Derrick Devine:

Songs that combine the epic with the intimate; hushed acoustic-based numbers mixed with louder, angrier moments.

‘’Devine deserves recognition, pursuing a straight down the line, heartfelt approach with refreshing honesty’’.

‘’Quite an achievement. Beautifully tender. Leaves you with a natural tendency to press play again. And again’’.



The Alpaca Jamboree:


A folk song singing, harmonising duo. The Alpaca Jamboree sing old songs, handed down and over-heard and found, and weave their own tales of sea faring and loss and wandering strangers with sweetly sung harmonies and gently picked guitar. They are songs of love and death, of women wronged and men betrayed, of a time when people went to sea to make their fortunes for to find.

Jim Carroll, On the Record, The Ticket:
"Old-school Scottish, Irish, English and American folk songs have been given a fresh take by the Dublin-based duo Sam Doyle and Alex Calder, who go about their task with simple, sweet and fuss-free harmonising."

A New Band a Day - Midweek Mixtape:
"The Alpaca Jamboree have popped up on ANBAD for a couple of reasons – chiefly because their renditions of folk songs and sea-shanties are simply gorgeous, and enough to melt even the most diamond-hard of hearts."

"By the quality of performance and the speed at which this duo have entered the gigging world, we can expect to see great things in the coming months. Don't be scared off by the looks these hipsters are not another bland neo-folk Mumford and Sons type, they carry on, in a beautiful manner, the traditional folk music of Scotland, Ireland, England and America using simple but affecting vocal harmonies."

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