Has anyone done a food intolerance test? (1 Viewer)


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Jul 15, 2007
Just curious about these.
Anyone have one done?
Any Benefits?
Was it worth it?
I did one! It was helpful but it was also a disaster, because I kind of found out to some degree I was allergic to practically everything, so its hard to know like, what to get worried about and take seriously, and what not to. Like what human is lactose intolerant AND glucose intolerant. WHATCANIEAT. Anyway, I had to do it really, I had such chronic tummy pains and it did lead me towards "the answer".

TBH you might find it just as beneficial to just keep a food diary for a few months, cut out the things you think may be offenders and reintroduce one at a time. Take notes, and figure out what is really causing you trouble.
I did last year and I can't say it was all that helpful plus it was quite costly.
The second part of what Jonah said above there is spot on.

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