Harmonic Series 2010: WILLARD GRANT CONSPIRACY, Whelan's, Nov 3 (1 Viewer)

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Apr 28, 2008
Harmonic Series 2010

& The Dinah Brand
Whelan’s, Dublin
Wednesday Nov 3rd, 2010
Doors 8pm

Tickets on sale now €18 (including booking fee) from WAV [lo-call 1890 200 078] www.tickets.ie, City Discs & Ticketmaster outlets nationwide 0818 719 300 - Republic of Ireland customers // 0844 277 4455 - Northern Ireland customers // 00353 1 456 9569 - International customers

“In ditching the band ethic, they've tapped into the finest folk gothic traditions of death, suffering, misery and hardship and fashioned a paradoxically uplifting, transformative record of extraordinary power.” - UNCUT review of Regard the End

Willard Grant Conspiracy is the musical collective that surrounds songwriter Robert Fisher. With their last five records (Regard the End, Everything's Fine, Mojave, Flying Low, and 3am Sunday At Fortune Otto's) and their brand new album Let it Roll, the band has quietly gone about putting together one of the most impressive catalogs in the alt.country / post punk-folk rock genres. The records have been met with critical acclaim and have been included in many critical best-of lists.

The band has a loose configuration that allows its members to be involved as they are available, in order to support all of their musical and life interests. But make no mistake--this is ensemble playing and a real band no matter how many participants are present. Currently based in the California desert where Robert lives, musicians from Massachusetts, Arizona, New York, London, Holland, and are all part of the whole depending on who can play, when the playing begins and where the tour ends. This flexible lineup along with a dedication to improvisational playing ensures that every show is truly unique.

Willard Grant Conspiracy was formed by accident in 1995 by Robert Fisher and Paul Austin, while helping fellow band member Dana Hollowell test his new home studio. Robert and Paul had played in numerous bands from 1982 forward and had developed a writing partnership that would last until 2001. Their previous efforts had all shared a singular love of strong songs and unusual musical textures, though the end result was usually something that matched intensity with volume to purvey a more visceral musical vision. Although songs and songwriting have always been the basis of their musical focus, volume, attack and more physical elements of sound were explored in the earlier bands they had together. These bands included some of the best musicians available in their adopted home of Boston . Years of playing and recording gained them critical respect and a reputation among their peers and can be considered a direct reason why so many talented musicians pull up a chair under the WGC tent these days.

With the birth of WGC, a more delicate, varied and considered sound began to unfold than before. Using a wider collection of musicians and sounds to color the music, rather than the traditional closed ranks a standard rock format allows, a newer yet no less intense version of the songs began to emerge.

The current list of folks at one time or another considered part of the WGC roster is hovering around 30. A live show may be as diverse as Robert playing solo or having as many as 14 members, or any number in between, on stage at one time. Instruments include acoustic guitar, mandolin, pump organ, violin, cello, viola, piano, trumpet, drums, bass, accordion, electric guitar, and lap steel. The sound can be as quiet and warm as 3am on a winter's morning before the last embers in the fireplace or as soulful and boisterous as a Sunday Morning Gospel service. The songs ring out with emotions born of personal experience and observation and are simultaneously universal and personal to every listener. It's the kind of music that seems to have been here forever; brought down out of the ether and channeled through the musicians onstage pure and unadulterated. It's music that has been described as causing the spirit to soar and to make the knees go weak. It's the music of real life from real people.


The Dinah Brand is a band from Dublin, Ireland – four people all playing different musical instruments, sometimes in harmony, sometimes not. In thrall to The Byrds, Lee Dorsey, The Replacements, Little Feat, Go Betweens, Neu, Big Star and Michael Hurley, they also would like to think that songs governed by enigmatic sentiment and songs that long to be films have a place in the present global soundworld.

Like Frankenstein’s sad monster, The Dinah Brand are made up of parts of old bands exhumed and re-animated: D. Phillips of Pet Lamb, S. Ryan of The Stars Of Heaven and The Revenants, G. Ward of Jackbeast and D. Lacey of Three Ring Psychosis, Legion Of Two and The Jackson 5. Sometimes they are graced by the presence and skill of the artist John Hegarty.

Formed circa 2003 they released one album, Pale Monkey Blues, to mild critical acclaim; which featured delicate songs of fractured beauty and tales of farce and tragedy. They also released a devotional little tune called “Perfect And Whole” on a split single with the Tycho Brahe. In the many intervening years since those releases, The Dinah Brand has been experiencing life to its fullest and most incomprehensible in order to collate and harness these experiences into musical drama for your delectation and enjoyment. This suite of songs is entitled I Can Walk Through and is due for imminent release.


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