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Aug 10, 2005
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Male or Female Guitarist/Vocalist required for awesome alternative rock band

1) Our influences are wide and varied within the Alternative rock spectrum but think Pixies, Sonic Youth, At The Drive In, Pumpkins, Hot Snakes as reference

2) Both Guitarist Drummer and Bassist have over 10 years experience gigging and recording in both UK and Ireland, self recorded our first bands album, have access to practice space with access to record and demo songs.

3) Both drummer guitarist and Bassist are over 10-15 years playing

4) 30 - 36

5) Rehearse twice a week at present ( We are trying to start a new band currently writing and on the look out for people to start said band with)

We are hoping to split the vocals between myself and who ever comes in as the second guitarist

Think dual front-men

If this is something you think would be of interest then please PM


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Dec 6, 2018
Hi where are ye based? I'm a singer with experience. Let me know if ye're interested. I play guiter.....badly but would be interested in lead vocals and give me a tambourine or something if ye wanted to add a fourth guitarist member. I sang the usual pub repertoire 😴 I have a good range and fairly strong voice. Sound.

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