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Feb 13, 2007
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Just took a chance & bought a lefty acoustic from these guys.
Great service & loads of stuff actually in stock.
I wanted to buy from an Irish shop & had spent a few weeks looking around. I settled on the guitar I wanted but when they went to order it, I was told it'd take 3-6 months & the price would probably be higher, depending on the dollar rate.

Went online & found these guys. They had the guitar I wanted in stock & plenty more lefties besides.
Was tempted to fly over for a day trip to try a few out but I was 99% sure of the one I wanted so just ordered it instead.
Figured it would've cost about €100 round trip, including an extra seat on the way back for the guitar.

Duncan in the Glasgow shop responded to my emails within a day on any questions I had.
They also have free delivery to Ireland in about 2 working days.

No idea how they are for support (& hopefully I won't need to find out)

This is probably not of much interest to most of you but for any fellow lefties, this is a handy option.

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