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The hard-working Dublin noise rock unit play six dates around Ireland in between jaunts to Europe

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Feb 26, 2012
i expressed surprise GB were popular (two LP's got to #11 in Irish charts)
in my previous post. never listened to GB until a few days ago.

it's usually fruitless checking out new bands / artists.
you could check out 50 bands and none of them would above mediocre.

the Irish media are twits - people from abroad often tell me how
small the local scene is compared to their own Dublin sized
(or smaller) city.
(esp. punk and metal folks but this is almost across the board)

when the media like a band that sounds like early SONIC YOUTH
(early 80's no wavey era) it's a surprise.

seeking validation from folks who are the problem is a waste of time
- Fuck 'em.
wanting approval from the establishment (especially in music)
is something i don't get.

just listened to ALIEN SHE :
you don't sounds like SY to me - you're much better than them.
the three songs i've heard were really, really good.
anymore bands around that sound like this ?

my only criticism of AS that is i have a prejudice against bands
putting cutesy posed photos of themselves on records.
but that's just me.
Hahah, brilliant review - thank you. We are guilty of that. I cringe at it now myself, but we were 22 when we wrote those songs. Our next album is going to be very different and you will be pleased to know there will be no cutesy photos :D

More bands like us, not exactly sure, perhaps The Altered Hours or Girls Names? We have another more insane song here:

The mix might be up your street too.

OK Wow, no more talk about my band - back to Girl Band!

I see they're playing ATM, going to try go and see them.

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