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Yeah so I made this list for somewhere else, but figured I might as well copy n paste it up here. Some ye might already know about but fuck it here they are!

The Arteries, Stick Around, Starters and more
The Pint, Galway City, 17th July at 13:30 (ALL AGES AND E7)

The Death Of Her Money, Axis Of, Them Martyrs, Neifenbach
Aras na nGael, Galway City, 27th June at 8:30

Only Fumes and Corpses
Releasing new album
Galway June 1st (TBC)

DubTones releasiing album w/ support MongoHorn, Liz is Evil
Sweeney's Basement, Dublin July 9th (FREE)

MongoHorn w/ The Mosquitoes (rockabilly), Corrosive Machine, The DUBtONES
Thomas House opposite Vicar S.t., Dublin July 17th 8:30, ADM E5!

The Naildrivers (ska) w/ Cruibin (streetpunx)
An Cruiscin Lan, Cork City 23rd July Adm E5

Family Man (Berlin) w/ Atomgevitter (Scot), w/ Putrefaction, Evidence of Decay, Sort It Out and Fag Enablerz
The Lower Deck, Dublin July 16th at 8:30, E8

PUNX PICNIX in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, at the Obelisk
A day of boozing and punk music, bring own music, beer, and bbq
July 3rd, 2pm

The Remains, Momma's Slippers, Filthy Angels & more
Blakes, Level 7
Enniskillen Fermanagh, N.I. July 25th at 8:30

CHIRPS album launch, w/ BlasterBra, Gummidge
The Cellar, Galway City, July 1st at 9pm, E6

Liz Is Evil, more?
Space 54, Smithfield, Dublin
July 10 at 8pm

Slave Zero 10th Anniversary Show w/ I'll Eat Your Face , The Edge Of Existence
Cleeres, Kilkenny, Co.Kilkenny 17th July at 8

July 6- Roisin Dubh, Galway 7:30
July 7- The Quad, Cork 8:30
July 8- Whelans, Dublin 8:00

Buncrana music festival, Donegal July 23rd 4 bucks adm

The Blame
Bastard Squad
Intensive Care
Running Riot
Septic Pussy
August 13-Fibber Magees Pub, Dublin

BLOOD OR WHISKEY, Runnin' Riot, Droppin Bombs
Fibber Magees, Dubberlin, 8pm adm E10

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