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Please keep all GGI related stuff to this thread from now on before I do everyones heads in with multiple threads

Further info will be posted here in weeks to come. Website /my space etc to come also.

Please note that this is an underground event and to avoid unwanted local attention (you know what i mean) we do not want this listed in the papers, mainstream music sites etc.

Saturday May 29th and Sunday 30th at the night in the sticks venue.
Monday June 1st - "Afters" session at original GGI venue

In Wexford.

Saturday Bands from 5 P.M. til 2 A.M
Sunday Bands 12.30 - 5.30, 7.30 - 12.00
Monday - punk disco, session etc

Please note this is not a bank holiday in the south so you may need to book monday off / throw a sickie if you work.

This is a bank holiday in the UK / NI.

Camping and bonfires each night. 24 hour flushing toilets. Food

bohs punks

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In no particular order
Times and running order etc to come

Los Langeros
Psychotropic Goat Punk from Cork

De Fuck Ups
Groningen Garage Rock n Roll

The Lobotomies
Raw catchy hardcore punk from Belfast

Slow, fast, heavy, loud, heavy from Galway

Dublin Garage Punk

Left for Dead
Deadly punk from southern England

Southern Irelands finest Oi!

Paranoid Vision[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]s[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]8 piece Dubli[/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman, serif]n punk as fuck[/FONT]

The Plimptons
Hammond Organ driven New Wave from Glasgow

The Undertakers
[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Carlow [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Garage / Punk / Rockabilly[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman, serif] [/FONT]

Galway Downtuned metal-influenced hardcore

Revolution of a Sun
Rockin out metal punk from Cork

Razorblade Smile
Oldschool punk from Glasgow

Momma's Slippers
Ska punk form Enniskillen

Donegal Garage Punk

Droppin Bombs
Dublin 3 piece hard edged Punk

Irish hardcore

Dublin Spazzmogaragerock'n'roll

Crossfire (TB100%C)
Glasgow street punk / ska

Running Riot
Essential Belfast Oi!

Fleas and Lice
GGI diehards. Angry punk from Groningen

Realistic Train
Psychedelic Stoner rock - Ireland

Hard hitting heavy punk from Ireland

Crowd Control
Highly regarded Dublin hardcore

New Ross Metal

Easpa Measa
Rampant Crust from Ireland

The Freebooters (TB100%C)
Scurvy ridden Street punk from Ireland / London

Two more still to be confirmed – one Irish, one Groningen

Adm inc camping etc 35 euro. Non profit event.



Be kind.
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Deadly, five description with garage mentioned and a decent representation from the Northwest. .|..|


that is a really good line up
great variety, garage to heaviness
through in a bit of electro for the jibe


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i got my case thrown out of court.. free!
so im defo going to hitch over from waterford for this, should be a load of people coming with me.

bohs punks

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Glasgow band Scunnered who are no strangers to ireland will also be playing at this.

Still waiting on another groningen band to confirm, the other irish space still open is awaiting developments - if things go to plan we should have a very pleasant surprise indeed.

I've been busy with teresas Da's funeral etc so am behind with setting up the myspace and website etc but will sort it all out next week, trying to get my head around paypal widgets for reserving tickets etc at the minute.


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I think I will come along to this. Line up looks ace, and be great just to hang out with folk. I have the following week off work, so why not? Might get the train over, and cycle to the festival from Enniscorthy. Gonna have a look at the options...


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Are the fucking GARDAI running this gig or what?

i'm gonna be mad paro at it thinking Bohs is a cop n shit .


Now Is Go
GGI 2010 is a punk festival in rural Ireland with thirty bands over two days, an "afterparty" on a third day, camping and lots of other things like a bonfire, table football and eh, a chess competition etc. Amazingly this is the 7th edition of the GGI festival , amazing that is seeing as it started as an idea while talking shit over beers. The festival aims to maintain and build links between the punk scenes in the three places of Glasgow, Groningen and Ireland How? by staging an annual festival where people and bands get the chance to get togethar and have the craic for a few days. Obviously it's easier for us as we have a whole country to attract people / bands from where as the others just have a city - who says the Irish are a stupid lot eh? The best bit of the festival s always the catching up with mates, meeting new people , having a laugh as much as the bands, in many ways another flier could be made listing some of the "characters" who will be in attendance as theres as much entertainment to be had form hanging out with them as there is from the music. Thats not to say we dont put a lot of thought into the bands - we do . This years line up features a wide range of the different styles that come under the punk umbrella - something for everyone so to speak. This is not a Crust, Oi, New Wave or Garage only fest - its better that way, better mix of people and plenty of time to socialise when bands are on who mightn't be your cup of tea. Iniitally staged in County Wexford Ireland it has now been held in Groningen twice, Glasgow once, Edinburgh once, Belfast once and is now back in Wexford in 2010.

Thats a deadly blurb.

bohs punks

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the remaining two bands from groningen have been confirmed, that makes it 4 dutch and 4 scottish bands. We have tried to freshen up things this year so rather than just the usual groningen bands we have three playing their first away ggi - apologies to link etc but sure what can you do.

New Reality
snotty straight ahead punk - reminds me a bit of chaos uk

The Kickers
three piece rocking out pnk, reminds me a bit of old us punk


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Excellent line-up! Wouldn't mind heading to this. Just to start checking, is there anyone from Belfast going that would theoretically have a free space in their car?

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