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GGI Fest is a rotating annual diy Punk fest celebrating the punk links between Glasgow, Groningen and Ireland. The first one was held in Wexford in 2004.

The GGI Fest 2017 will take place at The High Nellie Pub in Garryhill Carlow with two stages, one in the pubs large function room and one in a large marquee.

We have over thirty Punk, Ska, Oi, Crust and Metal influenced bands playing including 11 bands from outside Ireland.

Its a perfect venue for this event and we have a great line up of bands.

Campsite / parking included in the weekend ticket! Food for sale on site.

There are very few small non profit diy festivals left so please support the event if this si your thing.!

Tickets are 40 euro for the weekend inc camping / campervan parking

Message [email protected] for ticketing details or message me on here, bohs punks

Getting there
There is ample parking for cars, vans, motorbikes, campervans.
The venue is 90 minutes from Dublin off the M9 ( Motorway to Carlow, Kilkenny , Waterford).

By public transport the easiest way is to get the train from Dublin / Kildare / Carlow / Waterford to Bagnelstown. From Dublin fares online are €10.50 single

We will collect people from the train at Bagnelstown to bring them to the festival and drop people back to the train, it's only a ten minute drive.

From Glasgow
Ex Cathedra, Decibel Freaks, Sick of Talk, Ramrod

From Groningen
Komplex, Persona Non Data, De Fuckups, Hoist the Colours

Special guests (Not from Glasgow, Groningen, Ireland)
Unhaim (Switz), AARGH Fuck Kill! (Hamburg) Filthpact (Scotland)

From Island of Ireland
The Jollars, Bisect, Bachhus, Doppleskangers, Wild Rocket
Shithatt, Cancrusher, Putrefaction, The Dubtones, Blow Ins
Surge, Realistic Train, Septic Pussy, Grit , Younameus
Undertakers, Boss Sounds Manifesto, United Bottles,
Aggressors BC, Lawfucker, Deathgrip, The Turn
Deaf Kidneys, Sense Deficiency, Subordinate.

google is your friends for links to music.

bohs punks

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thanks for coming down gary and driving the lads, went really well, no hassles and lot of good bands played, weather was eh, irish.

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