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Apr 28, 2008

& special guests The Gorgeous Colours

Upstairs @ Whelan’s, Friday May 21

Tickets €14 (incl booking fee) WAV Box-Office, City Discs,, Road Records

“Ganglians are wild men-- they make music that gets fresh air all up in your teeth and gums. “ - Monster Head Room, 8.1 Pitchfork

“…stand-outs “Violent Brave” and “100 Years” both seemed to have been conceived at the altar of Brian Wilson and Mama Cass and married to the same scene as the Mantles and the Fresh & Onlys.” – Drowned in Sound

“This album is pure naive headphone acid pop to drive to” – Ganglians

Falling somewhere between the noise-pop of bands like Wavves and Woods and the blissed-out psychedelia of the Beach Boys, Sacramento, C.A’s Ganglians features Ryan Grubbs, Kyle Hoover, Alex Sowles and Adrian Comenzind.

Grubbs met Sowles when he moved from Portland, Oregon to Sacramento, and met Comenzind, who introduced him to Hoover. They began trading tracks they had recorded at home, and when Grubbs was asked to play a show, Hoover, Comenzind and Sowles became his backing band.

The band’s name came from a cross of the words “gang” and “aliens,” not the term referring to an external bundle of nerves. The band spent much of 2008 recording, and their debut single, a limited edition split seven-inch with Eat Skull, appeared in January 2009 on Dulc-i-Tone Records. The band’s tours and releases came quickly after that, with an appearance at that year’s South By Southwest festival and a self-titled EP and full-length album, Monster Head Room, arriving within weeks of each other in May on hip, lo-fi, Brooklyn label Woodsist.

Where previously, Ganglians was abrasive and self-recorded, Monster Head Room found the band working with an engineer friend who helped them get a cleaner sound that was innocent and trippy at the same time. The band spent the summer playing shows, including a set at the Smmr Bmmr festival in Portland, and closed out the year with a seven-inch on Captured Tracks in October.

The Gorgeous Colours’ debut single "Burning" was described by Hot Press as "genius summed up in four and a half minutes", while the subsequent one, "Hunting Something" reached number one in Phantom FM's listener chart. Their eponymous debut album was recorded in various studios, cottages and attics over the course of a year and released in October 2008, to positive reviews and general clapping of hands (see below). They are currently hard at work on a follow-up.

"The Gorgeous Colours have made one of the finest Irish pop albums for some time… a quite remarkable debut" - State Magazine

"A debut that is as bright and shiny as their moniker suggests... fusing Bacharach sensibilities with new age rhythms, this self-titled opus will have you whistling along after the first listen and makes you hopeful that maybe, just maybe, the indie pop tune isn't dead yet" - Hot Press

"There’s longevity in this album, it is a fascinating listen...Up to this I hadn’t listened to a full album in a single sitting recently but I’ve just gone through ‘The Gorgeous Colours’ twice. My ears are in heat and at this moment in time TGC is the only thing that can sate their animalistic cravings." - Mp3Hugger


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Jul 6, 2005
"Cryin' Smoke" (that CB linked to above) is a stoner classic.

Perfect four chord strummer for sitting round a campfire off yer walnut.

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