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Dec 9, 2000
Those poor bastards have made the best tv show ever, and cunts still won't stop whining
Whining? Come one, dude. Some people don't think season 8 is all that great. That's allowed. And it's hardly the greatest TV show ever made. It's a highly entertaining but somewhat hackneyed fantasy drama. It's grand, like.

I think Season 8 is a bit of a letdown for the following reason. You know when you have a romantic drama where the whole enjoyment is that tension as to whether the two leads are ever going to get it together or not? Like Bruce Willis and Cybil Shephard in whatever-it-was-called? And then when it does happen the whole reason for the drama kind of collapses? Or when in a horror movie you finally see the monster and suddenly it's not that big of a deal?

GoT S8 is exactly like that. We have waited years to see what happens when the dead break through the wall and when Dani arrives in Westeros. Now that it's all happened it's not that big of a deal and seems ant-climactic. Like, really ... was that it?

It's inevitable and sort of obvious and they seem to be trying to compensate for this with spectacle. Which doesn't really work. I'm looking forward to the last episode but also looking forward to it being over because I'm bored with it now.

Benny Cake

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Oct 15, 2005
by the station
Those poor bastards have made the best tv show ever, and cunts still won't stop whining
Exactly, Whoever above could only muster "That was shit" to the last episode should share with us their contribution to the human race in 2019.

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