Future Press Presents...FUTURE ISLANDS (Thrill Jockey) The Workman's Club, Oct 20 (1 Viewer)

Urchin PR

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Apr 28, 2008
The Future Press presents...

FUTURE ISLANDS (Baltimore / Thrill Jockey)

The Workman’s Club
Wednesday October 20th, 8pm
w/ special guests Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands

Tickets on sale now €15 (including booking fee) from www.tickets.ie, City Discs & Ticketmaster outlets nationwide
0818 719 300 - Republic of Ireland customers // 0844 277 4455 - Northern Ireland customers // 00353 1 456 9569 - International customers

“Taking cues from early Devo and New order and replacing the dance-pop movement with rich characterization and storytelling, they’ve found themselves at a pleasant distance from most formal genre comparisons. Their music is playful but steeped in subtle details, with both emotional heft and a pungent sense theatricality.” - Pitchfork

“...the album mines similar territory to bands like TV On the Radio and Junior Boys, an 80s-inspired world of darkened discotheque corners and doomed romances, but unlike those albums the mood here is defiantly upbeat. In Evening Air easily holds its own against the year’s other crossover alt-pop hits, Hot Chip’s One Life Stand and Yeasayer’s Odd Blood, without resorting to the knowing irony of the former or the trying-too-hard trickiness of the latter, relying instead on simplicity and sincerity to keep feet tapping while hearts melt.” - The Quietus

Comprised of J. Gerrit Welmers (synthesizers and programming), William Cashion (bass), and Samuel T. Herring (vocals), Future Islands has continued to make passionate music through an electronic medium for the past four years. [Although, the three have been working and performing since the spring of 2003.]

They call their music “Post-Wave,” taking in part from the emotional fragility of New Wave and coupling it with the power and drive of Post-Punk. Their music is spearheaded by Welmers, whose layers of synths and drums create the landscape for Cashion’s punching-strum style, that pulses and fights--the two--creating noise and bliss. Herring, who has been called “one of the most magnetic frontmen in indie rock,” finds his space in between. Carving through the music, at times, with a whispering croon, and at others, with a deathly wail.

In Evening Air marks the first full-length release from Future Islands since moving to Baltimore, and also their first full-length release as a focused three piece. However, there’s no lack of spirit in this paring down. More so, there’s a greater intensity and eye to detail than we have yet witnessed from the group. These changes are felt and heard. In Evening Air takes us and swirls us around those feelings of growing outside of one’s city and one’s self. It moves through gripping loss and the search for peace from a heavy head, with an ease and understanding where there was none. With production by Chester Endersby Gwazda, Future Islands fuses together their poetry with a dynamic musical range. Travelling from the slow burn to the highly ecstatic while holding on to the quill and not letting go. These songs are answers. They are born from fire and pain, yet are filled with light, acting as breathless testaments to love and it’s consequences. But this isn’t just a group of songs. This is a book of stories. From darkly quiescent and imaginative tales, to the passionate burnings of a searching heart. From the fear of being misunderstood and coming to terms with the loss of love. Future Islands speaks a language of forever and always, with an honesty that falls but never touches the ground.


Patrick Kelleher is a 24 year-old musician based in Dublin, Ireland, although he spent much of his childhood in the English town of Rugby. His music varies from brooding, tense electronica to jaunty acoustica to 8-bit dance-floor ditties to evocative, experimental pop but always with a twist of something ethereal or idiosyncratic. Relatively simple vocal melodies come swathed in distant hums and cracks. His songs are often premised on a mixture of live instrumentation, drum machines, cheapo voice-sampling Yamaha keyboards and vocals that are, at times, heavily distorted.

Kelleher has been championed by BBC Radio 6’s Stuart Maconie and Phantom FM’s Pearl and has supported Chequerboard, David Kitt and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffitti to name a few. He will be playing at this years Castle Palooza festival. His backing-band is called His Cold Dead Hands.

On his debut album You Look Cold his songs demonstrate a restless imagination that flits between diverse reference points. There are the emotionally charged pieces such as Coat to Wear and Wintertime’s Doll, the strangely euphoric whoops and hand claps of Finds You, the relentless psychedelic electro of He Has to Sleep Sometime and the woozy dreamlike hiss of Wonder’


Theseus Mock

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Apr 24, 2002
Totally bummed I'll be missing these. Is the Future Press another promoter under the same umbrella as Foggy Notions now?

coast to coast

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Dec 20, 2003
Anyone been to a gig in the Workman's Club yet? Was in it just as it was getting ready to launch, seemed likea decent place, though I can't help but feel they'll have an awful time with their narrow staircases both to the basement jacks and the upstairs areas.

David Kronenbourg

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May 21, 2008
In Dillman's Grove
Anyone been to a gig in the Workman's Club yet? Was in it just as it was getting ready to launch, seemed likea decent place, though I can't help but feel they'll have an awful time with their narrow staircases both to the basement jacks and the upstairs areas.

i was there on friday but not for a gig. it's decent enough. closed really early, like 12.30 or something


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Aug 8, 2006
approx times tonight. Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Heads 9pm / Future Islands 10pm


Nov 1, 2008
Can I get a ticket on the door? Tickets.ie says 'contact the venue'. Pleaaase don't be sold outtttt.

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