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Jan 13, 2003
On Monday 5th July Galway based hardcore punk/metal speed merchants Fuktifino unleash themselves all across the once quiet pub in Dominick Street, Galway called Roisin Dubh. This is the first New Noise Music Collective show in the bar so we’re gonna make it a special one. After some months of doing fuck all and fucking things up Fuktifino are back with a new line-up featuring the almighty bass skills of ex-The Dogboy Conspiracy crazy man that is Bob. Welcome Bob. So this is going to be his first gig with the band…

To celebrate this whole affair Fuktifino have recorded a 3 song demo ( believe me its very demoish) which will only be available on the 5th July in Roisin Dubh. That’s it. Only that night. Ever. So if you want one come on down… The Fuktifno demo “Rides Again” features the fastest Fuktifino song written to date “What?” the hardcore shout along anthem “Chalklines” and the 2.5 minute epic that is called “Confix”.

Special guests on the night are Dublin based tune makers Seldon Crisis. Powerful and catchy as hell songs and ignoring all the trends can be expected. On their drum stool is once Guava (and ex-Fuktifino drummer) frontman David. Opening up the show are the hilariously fantastic young upstarts The Hardcore Priests Of Yemen. These Galway/Connemara lunatics will bring a smile on anyone’s face with their teriffyingly original blend of ska, funk, jazz and punk. So get down early to the Roisin Dubh next Monday to catch all of these fantastic band in this world famous venue with a loud as fuck PA.

Daniel Fuktifino and all at the New Noise camp

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Heartattack fanzine, 03
I wish all bands would send along biographical information with they’re records, it makes my life a lot easier. Fuktifino claim to be “oil in Galway’s watered down music scene” and “all the things that punk rock represented before it got hijacked,” though they fail to mention who or what hijacked punk rock. They play mid-tempo punk, it’s well played but nothing terribly original. It actually reminds me a bit Agent 94, this old band from Santa Barbara.
Reviewed by BH

At last. Some proper Fuktifino recordings to listen to. And a nice mixed bag of songs to boot from the tradpunk bounce of “Smell of Summer” to the screamo action of “Piranhas” to the Imbalance-esque hardcore of “sky News” to the melodic punk metal of “Disolved”. Something for everyone to enjoy o here. What with their big Co. Galway accents delivering the strong lyrics ch are both socially and politically aware everything is spot on. The black and white booklet works well especially the way the lyrics get laid out. “Piranhas” with that fantastic chorus gets the nod as the stand out track for me. An essential recording to have if your into the whole DIY scene.
Reviewed by Trevor Meehan

The fuktifino sound has changed a hell of a lot from the tape they released a couple of years ago, theres much more hardcore punk sound coming of these EP. They picked an absoltely brilliant song to open the CD with - "Sky News" with lyrics like "Old man Bush with his finger on the trigger.... crazy dyslexic farm boy accident... a tourist into the world of politics... sky news is a piece of shit" make this one absolute genious! A nice blend of hardcore & punk thru the 8 tracks, and some old school hardcore in parts too. Some of the tracks are nice and catchy like on "Detonator" or "Dissolved" without going poppy or sucky! "Piranahas" has a very good and effective singy/screamy thing going on, while "Bruise in the shape of an opinion" finishes off the CD with a more thrashy music style and almost spoken word. My fav track would probably be "Sick Day", nice and fast! This is another top quality Irish CD we've got here in the last few months...
Reviewed by Shay Murphy

Hotpress Demo of the Fortnight, Feb 04
With a name like Fuktifino I doubt if Galway-based outfit will feature on the playlist of Vatican radio. On their new demo entitled "fast effective relief". They don’t even bother to supply titles for the songs, but this is one instance when it matters not a jot. Track 1 is a magnificent slice of fast-paced raw energy that ends abruptly, and gloriously, after a mere eighty seconds of guitar and drum mayhem. Track 2 rattles in with terrific drums and slams all over the place, even incorporating a shouty chorus. Track 3 owes a little of its attitude to the Pogues and showcases a band who glory in making a noise. I’m Fuktifino if I know what any of these songs are about, but they rock like bastards and we need a few more bands like them.
Reviewed by Jackie Hayden

Strange named band from Ireland. The Bio says this is their second release, and they have been playing loud abrasive noise since the year 2000, not caring what the fashion is. Hmmm, still their style is pretty generic mainstream-oriented. Not really 1 style, but some different kind of sounds through the different songs. From faster Hardcore, to more poppy Punk, some rougher ones, but most ones with some feeling for melody. Sometimes close to FunPunk bands, but without funny lyrics. The singer is too plain to make the songs interesting.

The first song is fucking awesome – ripping fast streetpunkcore similar to Crucifix/Criminals. A few nice singalong bits in the second song, but the songs seem to get more random different styles as the album progresses. Fucking trumpets and pop punk then show their ugly faces, and then emopop drags its weedy form onto the scene. The first song is really fucking good, but the rest of the album is just too varied and soundalike to enjoy. Drop the pop and the emo and write more songs like tracks 1 and 5. There is potential for a fine band here, they just seem to have not found their groove yet. You need to practice for another six months twice a week and jam together and find your sound. The lyrics are pretty cool, they refer to George Bush as…Crazy dyslexic farmboy accident, a tourist into the world of politics. Nice one boys.
Reviewed by RPS

Venom and spite from Galway, and a courageous effort of a debut release. American influences new and old are most apparent here, from the Vandals patented trod of "The Smell Of Summer" to an angry MDC-esque "Sky News" and "Too Cool To Dance". With a little more enhancement of these virtues, there could be a really interesting band here!.
Reviewed by Nosebleed

I saw these Galway lads twice in one week recently, and I have to say the passion and zest they put into their live performance really impressed me. It makes a nice change to a see a band who look like they're actually enjoying playing a gig, and few Irish acts have half as much on-stage energy as Fuktifino. On this EP they've progressed from their early trashier sound and now play catchy and rocktastic classic hardcore. I like it, but the recording unfortunately fails to capture the ferocity of their live show. There's a couple of bits with sung vocals that are a bit too catchy for my tastes but on a couple of tracks, most notably Piranhas, they really kick out the jams (muthafucka). With politically conscious mixed with more introspective lyrics, this is one to pick up.
Reviewed by Damien

Ah, comedy name and reference to pain killer ads (well, thats never been done before). Fuktifino claim to be the oil in Galway's watered down music scene. "They're loud, abrasive and they don't care," except about action, reaction and the freedom of expression, translated as not beeing able to write songs or sing them. They'll just get up onstage and do anything with volume because THEY JUST DON'T GIVE A SHIT!!!! This is the kind of brain-dead, ham fested punk rock that inspires not a deliberate joyful, life-affirming projection of saliva, but one of those involuntary sprays that pops out sometimes when you yawn.
Reviewed by Holly Hernandez

GALWAY ADVERTISER, JULY, 03Breaking all kinds of speed records, Galway punk band Fuktifino, deliver eight cracking songs in just over 16 minutes on their latest release; The Effective Relief EP. The Fast Effective Relief EP is a furious clash of death-metal and uncompromising punk. Think Reign In Blood era Slayer meets Crass, and you've got an idea of not where the band is yet, but certainly where they want to go. There's some good guitar work here. Behind Fast Effective's speed and volume, are some powerhouse riffs ( Piranhas ) and some atmospheric playing ( Detonator ). Thankfully Fuktifino show punk can be more than sound and fury signifying nothing; George W Bush is described on 'Sky News' as "a tourist into the world of politics" while no Galway musicians have ever summed up the modern Spanish Arch area as well as on "Sick Day": "Spanish Arch, skaters fall and pidgeons fight to feed". The EP does what it says on the cover; very fast and very effective. By Kernan Andrews.


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