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Mar 10, 2004
Hello folks,

Apologies for the lack of mailouts recently as we've been hard at work picking albums and singles for the remainder of 2010.

It's been a tough job going through all the demos but we've picked out some gems for your listening pleasure

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Keep it independent!


Psychonavigation Records May 2010 - November 2010

Tiny Magnetic Pets - Love Is A Stranger (TMP cover the Eurythmics classic) Radio single

Sean Quinn - Skylines [Ambient] Re-release of the debut album from the droog with the moog CD / Digital Download

Antonio Trinchera - Voce Falena [Ambient Soundscapes / Classical] Digipack CD /
Digital Download

Brawdcast - 3 Amigos [Hip-Hop / Downtempo] Remixes by Gel-Sol,Cuttooth,Lackluster & Anodyne Digital Download

Anodyne - Remixes [Techno / Electronica] Remixes by The Black Dog, Lackluster, Mick Chillage + more tbc. Limited 12" Vinyl + Digital Download

Common Tongue - want & longing [Live Electronics / Seán Óg] Released on Psychonavigation's offshoot label 'Nippi Records' Digipack CD / Digital Download

Gel-Sol - K8EMA [Ambient / Chillout] Digipack CD / Digital Download

Enrico Coniglio - Salicornie (Areavirus Topofonie Vol 2) [Ambient / Environmental / Classical] Digipack CD / Digital Download

Buckminster Fuzeboard [Downtempo] 'TBC' Digipack CD / Digital Download

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