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Food Sharing With The Stars

Discussion in 'Eirecore' started by jasper mckatt, May 4, 2012.

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  1. jasper mckatt

    jasper mckatt Active Member

    I bought the NME for the first time in about 25 odd years the other week, Lydon interview, rubbish, rest of mag was rubbish, what a waste of 2.50 or whatever it was I paid.
    But I did learn from it that PIL have new single and LP out , so shall have a listen, but I lost interest after flowers of romance LP. paris au printemps is OK as live LP, the live in Toyko after that shouldn't have been allowed out, Lydon shows himself to be a right plonker doing silly japanese accents, I would've thrown raw fish at him if I was at that Toyko gig.
    Did throw a nice piece of Wensleydale at the English Dogs in Blackpool in 1996, they deserved it as they kept shouting about cheese all through their set I thought they must be hungry and I happened to have the Wensleydale with me (it was my lunch). Wallace and Gromit would've been shocked at such a waste, I'm sure.
    Shared chocolate digestives with Ari Up in Morecambe several years ago, she looked hungry and said they would go nicely with her backstage cuppa. Not forgetting this act of kindness, she remembered when I gave her a half eaten packet of gingernuts when she played in Dublin (the first time, I didn't go the second time).
    I wonder if anyone else has any food sharing with 'the stars' stories to tell?
  2. johnnystress

    johnnystress Well-Known Member Supporter

    Re: PiL in Button Factory on July 29th!

  3. johnnystress

    johnnystress Well-Known Member Supporter

    I once spent a gruelling 5 hour trip in a bus to Donegal beside a very, very drunk member of Clannad. He insisted we share his sandwich; " take the fuckin sangwich" , and promptly spilled its contents all over us.

    Not much of a story but it's all I've got
  4. Bernie Lomax

    Bernie Lomax Well-Known Member

    I nicked a load of twixes off Shakira's rider once. True story
  5. bohs punks

    bohs punks Well-Known Member

    found 3 backstage passes outside the fleadh in london - went in and headed for hospitality, on asking for the vegan food we were told it was reserved for the cranberries or sinead o connor, one of them, so quickly declaring to be their entourage we left with platters of goodies and bottles of vino! our finsbury park session was a lot posher than normal that day
  6. Janer

    Janer Well-Known Member

    No 1 tell's a story like Jasper, ye might as well lock up the thread now.
  7. Diddles

    Diddles Well-Known Member

    What a timely thread. Following MCA's recent passing, myself and HMD were reminiscing about bringing tofu to a Beastie Boys gig in 1995. One of the lads I shared a house with had watched them being interviewed just prior to them playing over here and they were complaining about the unavailability of tofu in the U.K. Fortunately, my friend worked in a tofu factory so we brought a couple of shopping bags full of vacuum packed packets of tofu to the gig and threw it at them on stage. I don't know wether they ate any of it. We always hoped they would bring it up in an interview, but they never did.
  8. jasper mckatt

    jasper mckatt Active Member

    ha ha ha ha h ah ha ha ha ' take the fuckin sangwich'
  9. jasper mckatt

    jasper mckatt Active Member

    ha ha h ah ah ah ha ha ha you ate delores's/sinead's dinner - ha ha , good one!
  10. jasper mckatt

    jasper mckatt Active Member

    wot, THE shakira shakira? She gets twixes on her rider? Likes a bit of biccy toffee chocky then does she? I will remember that next time I'm at her gig and throw some at her with me telephone number written on 'em. Wot a she wolf, eh? Getting Twix all tangled up in her wolf hair, howling all around the place, chocky biscuit all wedged up in her wolf fangs, cool video that would be.
  11. jasper mckatt

    jasper mckatt Active Member

    Jesus, they should have got you backstage after the gig and done tofu stir frys to repay you for the gifts. Two bags full, that's some tofu feasting there, lucky beastie boys, the least they could've done is acknowledge your act of kindness in the interview. BTW - poor old Adam Yauch , eh? Dead the other week, cancer I think got him.
  12. returnofbarn

    returnofbarn New Member

    A friend of mine ended up at an ozzy osbourne tribute in the empire called a blizzard of oz, the empire sold pizza and a pint for less than a fiver. the gig turned into a blizzard of pizza and my friend was removed. the end.
  13. jasper mckatt

    jasper mckatt Active Member

    Back in the mid eighties, I was working as a waiter in a cocktail bar, (that much is not true) and I had to take tea & biccys, veggie lasagne, pizza & salad to Roger Eno (he was around fro a few days 'recording'), who is Brian Eno's lesser known brother. Anyways he was a bit of a diva type, thought he was something else, you know? So we undermined his big head by refusing to acknowledge him in any other way than as 'Brian Eno's brother", which he really did not like, as it seems he had been living in his big brother's shadow all his life and was desperate to be taken seriously as a musician in his own right and not as a scab riding on the coat tails of his brother's fame. But 'cos he was such a plonker really, we took the piss something rotten, asked him for Brian's autograph, kept asking how Brian was doing, and how it must be such fun to be Brian's brother, Brian, Brian, Brian. He complained to the management and we (us cocktail waiters/kitchen dogsbodies) got a bollocking of the boss (who had the same haircut as Brian, I did point out to him - Derek was his name - he wiped the spittle from his moustache and told me to 'clean out them fuckin bins ').
    I did serve food to a few 'stars' during my time slaving at this establishment, can't remember a lot of it now. That scottish drunk guitar bloke, Martin, ah what's his name? Martin was his surname, he died the other year from gangrene I think, well he had his legs amputated. He was alright actually, just pished ALL THE TIME. He did shout a lot at his PA, cursing him a lot of the time.
    There was some Indian guru types as well, can't remember their names, but Derek the boss was into them. They were alright actually, no hassle, very quiet bunch of lads.
    That woman who used to be in crossroads, the horse one who used to be a punk in her teenage years, yeah? Spat in her taglatellie, she was a right snotty cow, deserved it, didn't leave a tip either, bitch.
    There's more, but I will have to have a good think, it's about 28 years ago now.
    And Ok, it wasn't a cocktail bar, it was a vegetarian pasta & pizza restaurant, with a cinema/gig venue/recording studio bit. I did make a few cocktails though, as well as pancakes (regularly) and ice cream (whole bottle of rum in the rum 'n' rasin) and loads of joints (I was the 'joint wallah') and loadsa other shit
  14. johnnystress

    johnnystress Well-Known Member Supporter

  15. Diddles

    Diddles Well-Known Member

    I love you.
  16. Diddles

    Diddles Well-Known Member

    I once served lunch to Drew Barrymore and Tom whatzisface. They had chicken caesar salad. She is really fucking small. We didn't recognise her for ages because of the smallness. She probably thought we were just really reserved Irish people who downplayed her fame out of politeness. I was telling the chefs it was her, but they didn't believe me until someone from the Indo rang the restaurant to ask what she was eating for lunch.

    Imagine spending four years getting a degree in journalism so you can ring a restaurant to ask what Drew Barrymore ate for her lunch.
  17. pete

    pete chronic procrastinator Staff Member

    I saw Faith No More and Danzig eating chips in Beshoffs. Not together, mind - different branches. And years.

    That's all I've got.
  18. ann post

    ann post Well-Known Member

    we had no merch or flyers at our first london show, so we bought a bag of spuds and wrote the band website address on them and handed them out at the gig. gig became a spud fight after a while.
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