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Apr 28, 2008
Foggy Notions presents


+ Jana Hunter

Whelan’s, Nov 27

Tickets €15 (incl. booking fee) WAV [lo-call 1890 200 078],, Ticketmaster, City Discs and Road

“To say this record elevates the band far above the swollen ranks of shuffling shoe-gazers currently doing the rounds is putting it mildly.” -Drowned in Sound, 9/10

“Bands like Mazzy Star, Galaxie 500, Spiritualized, and Slowdive will come to mind, but this is neither pastiche nor homage. Delicate, lovelorn pop.” – Pitchfork, 8.5

“Through the simplicity of their languid melodies, Beach House access a portal into pop's truly uncanny nature.” – Uncut

“Classic 60’s pop arrangements filtered through the fuzzy prism of a dream… All of it as high on charm as it is on lo-fi.” - MOJO

Beach House are Baltimore boy-girl duo Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. Together they have forged a uniquely beguiling sound, drawing you into a world of hazy beauty and melancholy remembrances of summers past, with music that manages to be both understated and lush.

Scally was born and raised in Baltimore, but Paris-born Legrand (the niece of legendary French film composer Michel Legrand) arrived just over two years ago, lured by cheap rents, old friends, and a wealth of musical possibilities.

Though their sound is undoubtedly unique, the band fit into the dream-pop lineage running from the Velvet Underground through to bands like My Bloody Valentine and Yo La Tengo. However, while some of their sounds and shapes are the same, Beach House's recipe of fairground waltzes, spooked lullabies, and woodland hymnals is significantly different to that of their dream-pop forerunners.

Beach House also share certain sensibilities with the classic baroque pop sounds of yesterday and at times their self-titled debut album also exhibits a classic 60s pop feel, and a soulfulness which can be attributed to Victoria and Alex’s shared love of Motown. With its release in the US (Car Park) Beach House became one of the biggest underground buzz bands of 2006 as well as one of the blogger’s favourites.

Their stunning follow-up album Devotion was released here on Bella Union to great acclaim earlier this year. The gentle, low-key, hazy atmosphere of their debut turned more corporeal; the organs, slide guitars and reverb are still there, but Beach House laid down some new sounds too – the recording is crisper, the songs are fuller. Check out the band’s “You Came to Me” video directed by Baltimore underground film legend Skizz Cyzyk:

Beach House have toured with Arbouretum, Cass McCombs, Papercuts, Grizzly Bear, and Fleet Foxes and will play as part of Dan Deacon’s 29-band Baltimore Round Robin Tour next month.

The band have also just announced the release of a limited edition 7" entitled “Used to Be.” The title-track is a brand new song, but the b-side is a super-early four-track recording of “Apple Orchard” from the first album.


Jana Hunter is from Texas, the fifth of nine children. She played classical music throughout her youth, but that doesn’t really explain why she writes such haunting songs. Hunter is one of those rare artists whose craft does its work on listeners before they even notice.

A show in 2003 with Devendra Banhart led a year later to Hunter's inclusion on his Golden Apples of the Sun compilation. In 2005, Devendra and Jana released a split vinyl album on Troubleman Records, followed quickly by the release of Hunter's debut solo album, Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom, in October of that year on Gnomonsong a label run by Banhart and Vetiver’s Andy Cabic.

Since the release, Hunter has toured North America and Europe, joined forces with Castanets as their sometimes touring bass player and vocalist, guested on albums by Coco Rosie and Metallic Falcons, and played at the Banhart-curated All Tomorrow's Parties.

Hunter released her second album There's No Home in April 2007. Recorded over two consecutive weeks in 2006, the album features Hunter writing, playing and producing throughout. She followed up on There’s No Home with the release of her Carrion E.P, formed her own label, Feow!, (Deer Tick, Bring Back the Guns) and went on tour again.

Future Feow! releases include a split 10” with fellow Houstonians, Indian Jewelry this winter, full-lengths from Sharks & Sailors and Woozyhelmet next spring, and a Wicked Poseur full-length next summer.

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