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Jun 6, 2004
Ok, due to the needing funds for something inparticular, i am going to sell my beautifull strat... :(

It's less than a year old, in perfect nick, kept in the case AT ALL TIMES other than when being played. There is NO chips in the paint, no wear or tear of any kind, it's in PRISTINE condition.

Comes with a fitted fender hardcase, AND the bridge pickup has been upgraded to a Seymour Duncan JB Jnr, which cost me around 100 and sounds awesome.

So all in all, you get..

Fender AmSe,
Fender Hardcase
Fitted Seymour Duncan JB Jnr
Stock pickup that i removed
I'll throw in a White Perloid pickguard that i haven't put on it yet.
And i'll leave the two sets of strings that are already in the case for ya;)

Some pics,

Without JB Jnr



With JB Jnr


I think i'll start the bidding at 780, it's 900 new, plus you get the kick ass SD pickup AND the stock pickup, a good deal imo.

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