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Jan 22, 2014
In only few weeks Ireland will explode with hot Jamaican rhythms.
27th February on Dublin scene of The Grand Social, 28th February in Comedy Club in Cork and 1st March in Kelly’s Bar in Galway – big stars of reggae music will meet to play a gig different than others.
Different, not only because of the musical boom but mostly because there will be a real feast, celebration, experiencing, exploration and tasting. No borders! No prejudices! Above all national, religious, cultural or social divisions. Real event filled not only with positive music but with energy of art, food... All this is what each positive person wants the most.
The real Reggae Pie that wants to show how many things are connecting people. Two most important ingredients of this unusual pie are Cian Finn and Mesajah.
Hailing from the west of Ireland, Cian Finn is a vocalist and MC, inspired by the sounds of soul, blues and reggae. Currently working with some of the most respected acts in contemporary dub music, Cian has performed live with Mad Professor, Zion Train, Iration Steppas, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Dubwise, Cornerstone Roots, Dubkasm, and Radikal Guru. His vocal tracks have been remixed by Manasseh, RSD, Phaeleh, and Indigo.He was lead vocalist and a founding member of Irish reggae group Intinn. They were a mainstay of the Irish festival circuit and over the last 7 years playing across the UK, France, Spain and Italy. In 2010 Intinn were declared “Best Upcoming Reggae Act in UK and Ireland” at the One Love Festival in London. Known for his vibrant onstage presence and impassioned voice, Cian’s shows voyage through reggae rhythms to bouncing dubstep, interspersed with soulful acapella moments. This is an artist rooted deeply in the Celtic spirit, his songwriting is infused with insight and positivity, carrying forward the flame of conscious music.
Cian Finn, with this gig on his Mother Land, will end a tour of US, Thailand, India, China and Europe. He will meet during Reggae Pie with Mesajah, rising sun of Polish reggae.
Mesajah (Manuel Rengifo Diaz) is an artist gifted with not only a voice but a great imagination as well. There’s not many like him to be able to derive from many different styles, interpret and create their own. He is present on the biggest reggae festivals, sharing the scene with the biggest: Gentleman, Stephen Marley , Wu Tang Clan ,Shaggy, Sizzla, Junior Kelly, Anthony. His concerts are a live transmission of positive vibrations and good word!
Reggae Pie wouldn’t have its taste without other ingredients, this is why, apart from Cian Finn and Mesajah, you will be able to see other stars connecting Jamaican heart with Irish soul: Bionic Rats (Dublin) and Brendan Rugus Mc Evans (Cork, Galway). They will be warming the audience up from 7pm up to 2-3 o’clock in the morning.
Another ingredient without which Reggae Pie couldn’t fully happen is a collection of artists from our streets. Graffiti artists! They are activists that show what hurts and inspires them in everyday life through their creations. Their message comes from painting and that is why Reggae Pie Project lead by Tzolkin Street will take place – Graffiti Battle and live painting with children from Down Syndrome Dublin organisation. Everyone will be able to see not only a ready masterpiece but most of all experience the cycle of creation. All this as a part of the gig!
You thought that’s all? Nope! We give you an opportunity to see and sense other forms of artistic message – art, collage, photography and tattoo project galleries. Everything created by young, inspired people from various backgrounds, living on the Emerald Island.
Reggae Pie is not only musical and artistic experience but also strictly physical. Important part of Reggae Pie is food and drink, that’s why everyone will have a chance to taste something of Irish and Polish cuisine. Something sweet, fruity, organic, real home baked goodness. All that paired with natural Polish lemonade – John Lemon and Yerbata – healthy and straight to the point!
For updates visit and pick your nearest location: https://www.facebook.com/gigs.dublin?fref=ts

So, to sum everything up:
Reggae Pie:
- 27/02/2014 – Dublin, venue: The Grand Social (35 Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1), doors open at 7pm. Music until dawn (2-3am): Cian Finn i Mesajah, : Bionic Rats + DJs.
- 28/02/2014 – Cork; venue: City Limits Comedy Club (Coburg Street,Cork, Ireland) – doors open at 7pm. Music until dawn (2-3am): Cian Finn i Mesajah, Brendan Rugus Mc Evans + DJs.
- 01/03/2014 – Galway, venue: Kelly’s Bar (Bridge St, Galway, Ireland) – doors open at 9.00pm. Music until dawn (2-3am): Cian Finn i Mesajah, Brendan Rugus Mc Evans + DJs.
Tickets: before the event €20, on a day of event €25.
Tickets available at: www.bilety.gazeta.ie, www.ticketmaster.ie and local spots.
Official websites:

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